User Review with Phantom - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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In part two, Boomer adds additional comments regarding the plays made as the series continues.


Live Video PokerStars series

Comments (13)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the user review with Boomer2k10 & Phantom!

    Please leave any comments or questions for either below.
  • Sendrafreak


    Nice vid!

    Best regards,
  • die2lustigen3


    pretty good
  • SanWogi


    bis 18:00 gesehen
  • SanWogi


    Sorry, that info was intended to be for my personal notes.

    I guess hero often misses checkraises after calling preflop.Maybe he should 3bet more preflop or checkraise more often.
  • zilltine


    but.. phantomm is playing NLHU? lol
  • Boomer2k10


    @6 he was tempted by the dark side :(

    Still the point of these user reviews isnt just to provide feedback for the individual contributor but it's also to see if you guys around these stakes are potentially either making similar mistakes if they are being made, or set as an example from a solid player at these stakes.
  • phantommm92


    yeah, i switched, tho i see that i was kind of descent, just some leaks, but it's not nice to hit a 200-300 big bet ds when you start playing ;)
  • Boomer2k10


    Pretty standard :-)

    I do not even consider it a downswing now unless it is over 300BB. Evrn at micros where you can have pretty big edge with game selection you have to overcome astronomical rake so you are going to hit downseings no matter what...

    Or you could just run like god...up to you :-)
  • jimmy99x


    ok .
  • Tillit


    I dread the day when I see my own 10tabling-tilt play in these vids :).
    I wouldnt play the right table as there should be more profitable ones.
    Min 19 A8o
    Is that really a 3bet? I think I would want a read on the raising guy that hes isolating loose. If he raises only 15% were at 28% Equity, 25% raise were at average 33% Equity but still a pretty underdog against his range. +its gonna be a multipot and on a A board there will likely only be action when were beat. Maybe I'm too tight there too.
    But if you 3bet they peel this board with any 2 cards they have. Oop they will raise their good hands likely too on the flop, also maybe the fish likes turncheckraises as before. The board is as good as it gets in this situation if you saw yourself preflop ahead with a8o so i cant imagine its good to give a free card here and were even a very slight equity favorite on this turn against reasonable ranges.
  • Boomer2k10



    I'm sure you'll be caught at some point..mwahahahaha >:)

    As for A8o, vs someone playing 36/29 as this guy is even over 15 hands this is a super simple 3-bet on the button. He should be iso'ing way over 30% of his hands there vs a loose weak range, maybe even 35% in the Cutoff.

    Additionally the UTG player is going to be at the bottom of his range since he's playing 60/20 thus if we assume he raises the better part of his range (which is fine to assume) then he is much less likely to have a hand that dominates us and he may even fold to the 3-bet back which gets us Heads Up in position vs a wide range with 1.25BB of Dead Money in a 4.25BB Pot with a hand that can see SD and stand up to action postflop. That's an absurd advantage I'd take a big equity hit to gain if I knew I could.

    I'm not a fan of offsuit Aces on the whole and A7o and A8o are probably the bottom of my 3-betting range but I am not going to allow a guy like this to just iso at will on a loose/bad player.
  • YohanN7


    I've watched about ten of Boomers vids, and intend to see them all at least twice to be able to digest the finer points.

    I'm actually wondering if there is anything at all that is not superb in these vids? Pedagogically they close to perfect. Technically as non-annoying as a recorded multitable poker session could ever be. Etcetera.

    Hats off!