Multi Table Sit and Goes: Early Phases - Part 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $20 - $105
  • Fullring
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Give a warm welcome to Katie Dozier who will be making a review in a three part series of MTSNG's focusing on low-mid stakes Sit & Goes


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first video from Katie!

    Please give a warm welcome by leaving any comments or questions you may have about the review.
  • Buhas


  • Seavus


    Good job, Good vid, Good voice! Thx! :)
  • Bedni87


    well done.
    good explaining.
    relaxing voice :)
    but try not to mix deep/normal stack tours. in 1 video.
    w8ing for next vid.
  • RekopX


    awsome review style,i like how you not just analyse the hand but rather the situatuion in general.
  • uTz84


    Nice Style but a bit basic. Would like to see a Mid-Major review from you.
  • Mark1790


    Nice one, well explained.
    Look forward to the next video.
  • Apfelschorle77


    good old FullTIlt 90PLR KO's :`(
    nice weed, good explaining, female voice is pretty nice too, sth new :D
  • rstrunc


    nice vid Katie ;-)
  • Winterdream


    Tnx Katie, cant wait to see the next one!
  • ZIr00


    Excellent video!
  • Bedoze


    Great vid! Pretty clear concepts, very well explained and easy to understand!
  • KatieDozier314


    #3 Seavus: Thanks!

    #4 Bedni87: Ty for the kind words.I try to give a range of effective stack sizes to account for many of the different situations we face in various MTT SNGs; I will watch out for it in the future. :)

    #5 RekopX: I think that we take the most away from analyzing the situation for the future, rather than just the exact hand we're playing-- glad you do too!
  • KatieDozier314


    #6 uTz84: Ty for your compliment on the style. Hopefully I'll be able to make more videos (after this 3-part series) for poker strategy, so that I can show you some more advanced material. :)

    #7 Mark1790: Aw, thanks!

    #8 Apfelschorle77: I really miss the ftp 90-mans too! Glad you enjoyed watching my video. :)
  • KatieDozier314


    #9 rstrunc + #11 ZIr00: Thanks! :)

    #10 Winterdream: Thanks, my next video will be the second part of this series; mid-blind play.

    #12 Bedoze: So glad that you found it very well explained. Thank you!
  • freemot


    omg what kind of tight approach.
    Is that really profitable?
    Complete 87s, check, check, check. Scared of chips? That is 1 valuebet turn or river at minimum imo.
    A9s complete :-(
    Fold A7s to a limp

    Sorry, but I can't see that nitty style.
    Do you have to play as tight in higher SnG($20 to $105)?
  • KatieDozier314


    freemont, thanks for the feedback. This video was made with a compilation of other's hand histories. Please site the specific time in the video you're referring to, and I'd be happy to take a look.
  • freemot


    Stopped watching min 29:30.
    -EV Ship JJ with 41 BB. Who should call that? You want to get out bader hands and calling better one? Why don't you raise to 295 e.g.?
    Sorry but that is fishplay on youre side.
  • freemot


    Hi Katie, thanks for answering as soon and excuse me for my critic.
    But I really don't get along with your play.
    I don't want to post all the listed situations in youre vid. To tell the truth I can't find well played hands without the trivial PP-Folds.
    To limp/fold A2s early position or not shoving AKs (premium 5 hand in poker) isnt a good video for me. Sorry, that is just my decent opinion.

    GL freemot
  • kaliMARU


    Thank you for this! :)
  • KatieDozier314


    Freemont: None of the hands in this video were hands that I played myself, and I focused mainly on selecting hands from students that I thought were misplayed, because I thought that would make for the most interesting discussion. My commentary address the many errors that are in the hands.:)

    Wrt the JJ hand, I said that raising to around 225 would be a fine option, but considering that we're out of position and would be shoving just over 6.5 times the pot, I do think it is reasonable to just shove.

    #20 kaliMARU: You're welcome. :)
  • CollinMoshman


    Awesome video. Biased opinion obv, but I really did enjoy watching this one. Great selection of hands from different players with a really interesting mix of styles, and very insightful range discussions throughout.

    Re the JJ hand, besides the fact that there's a lot in the middle already, loose low-stakes MTTSNG players are assuredly quite capable of stacking off with worse at 15-30 :)
  • M1rCea


    nice hand reading
    nice explanation

    sweet overall
  • Th0m4sBC


    Nice clear voice. Good video overall. What I do not like about this video is the first halft - since you are useing hands from 2 years ago, comparing it to todays playing style. It somehow has a very ironic touch if you comment at 15:50 with 'a couple of years ago I might' when the hand actually is from February 2010.
    IMO the dynamic (not excluvly but also on the MT-SNGs) has changed a lot in the last two years and there I do not really see the point in comparing hands from two years ago(which also includes responses / play style of our oppnents from 2010) with the point of view from today.
  • Erdnase26


    Thanks for this video :)
  • Katie75013


    Really great video, Katie!!! Can't wait for more!!!!!
  • Danjo99


    Nice vid ! THX
  • KatieDozier314


    #22 Collin, aw thanks!

    #23 M1rCea, Thanks!

    #24 Th0m4sBC, Ty for your compliments. What I meant by commenting that "I probably would have played the hand differently a couple of years ago" was a statement on how my own game has evolved, and since this is my first Poker Strategy video, I wanted to give listeners a little bit of background like this. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you thought the video was good. :)
  • KatieDozier314


    #27 Katie75013, Ty,ty!

    #28 Danjo99, Thanks!
  • lfwbuhrer


    maybe freemont didnt understand this is a review from other players... not her...
  • KatieDozier314


    lfwbuhrer, That was my understanding too. Next video I'll make sure to be more clear about when I'm not using my own hands. :)
  • polacybiedacy


    1. too long expl for over half of hands
    2. too nitty
    etc but i wont continue cause just noticed it is for BASIC ROTFL
  • delhi2011


    thanks for your time and great video..
    looking forward for next one..:)
  • KatieDozier314


    #34 polacybiedacy: Sorry you feel that way, if you want to bring up any individual hands, I would be happy to discuss them.

    #35 delhi2011: Aw, thanks! :)
  • fruitcake1


    Like the accent, must be from west of Atlantis.
  • Weynard


    I enjoyed watching your video. I think you explain your reasoning very well, and the presentation style is superb. Thank you very much!

    @7:57 in the AT h hand, we are getting 4.75:1 to call the flop.

    We have two backdoor draws to the Nuts and considering the preflop action our ace outs should be good too.
    So I disagree that this is „definitely a pretty clear fold“.
  • KatieDozier314


    #37 fruitcake1 Ty :)

    #38 Weynard Thanks very much for your compliments. Wrt the ATh hand, we do have two backdoor draws to the nuts, and we are getting 4.75:1 to call. But based on the flop action, the three ace partial outs may be equivalent to approximately 2 full outs. Even giving ourselves another 2-2.5 outs total for the backdoor draws, we’re still about 9:1 to hit on the next card. Meanwhile when we do hit top pair on the turn, we have a potential reverse implied odds problem; and when we hit a straight or flush draw, there’s no guarantee we’ll be given a price that allows us to see the river. So, I would just fold the flop.
  • ipeaceonu


    I enjoyed the vid but boy do I miss those 90 man ko's with a double stack! It felt like watching an old family holiday vid ior something, I was welling up :)
  • YohanN7


    Nice, and a bit unusual in that there is so much logical reasoning behind the decisions.

    One could of course argue about some of the borderline cases, but there are probably many new decent players that aren't aware that stack sizes matter in a fundamental way.

    More of this please!

  • KatieDozier314


    #40 ipeaceonu: I really miss the 90-man SNG MTTs too.

    #41 YohanN7: Glad that you enjoyed it. :)
  • kochke


    i liked it
  • KatieDozier314


    #43 kochke: Thanks! :)
  • HardTurn


    Well done!
  • KatieDozier314


    HardTurn: Thank you :)
  • gp00053


    Very Very informative easy to understand and definetly somthing to watch and rewatch
  • KatieDozier314


    gdp00053- Ty very much :)
  • zarsky


    Congrats on your debut, Katie, good job!
    Would be nice to see content with analysis of general game plan in various forms of MT SNGs depending on payout structure, speed, etc., rather than separate hands.
    Looking forward to new vods!
  • freemot


    Katie, I'm just sorry.
    I obv. didn't realize that this video is a session review of other ps-members.
    I thought you were talking about your own poker mistakes: "Now I would play the hand otherwise but..."
  • Robert9010


    Nice job Katie....Im german but i can understand you very good...

    more vids pls ;)
  • KatieDozier314


    Zarsky: Ty! I hope that I get to continue to make more Poker Strategy videos, after this 3-part series, so that I can zero-in on specific MTT SNG variations.

    freemont: Glad we cleared that up. :)

    Robert9010: Thanks!
  • EverSteel


    Hello Katie,

    19:45 does it make sense to bet river around 75% of the pot to actually fold out those weak aces?

    lots of positive feedback to you from Russian community :)

  • KatieDozier314


    Hi EverSteel, Thanks for your nice words. you make a good point about betting to try and get a fold from a chopping hand, but given the way the hand plays out, I think that a busted draw is more likely from a hand-combo perspective than a lower ace (so checking to induce a bluff is my preferred line). Also, when the player does have a lower ace, I think that they call the majority of the time. Given that the opponent actually does have a lower ace, I wish we had free-rolled him (hoping for a fold) by betting! :)
  • osfp1


    i like that approach... and also very nice review
  • KatieDozier314


    osfp1, Thanks! :)
  • Barlin63


    Hi Katie, Just watch your video and I believe it is an excellent one. Learned a lot next to two beautiful new things:
    1. when to go along with your pocket pairs
    2. When to shove early tournament

    Thanks for the valuable lessons.
  • eri666


    Nice vid, nice voice Katie. This is first women poker video I´ve seen. I´m not a virgin anymore :)
  • KatieDozier314


    @ Barlin63: So glad that you learned two new concepts. :)

    @ eri666 Thanks!
  • sockerkakor


    Wow, smart women are so incredible attractive. Great video, I really appreciate how you explain the more general logical reasoning. Are there more videos comming?
  • Beave


    Are you (still) married to Collin Moshman?
    What are you playing right now or I guess you can't if you still live in the US?
    I believe you started with the Super Turbos on FTP and moved to the 18-Man on Stars.
    I'm not stalking you. It's just that I was playing the Super Turbos myself back then and I found your videos as Collins student quite good.
  • Beave


    I just saw that you gave an interview answering my questions:

    This should have been posted here I think, being your first video and all.
  • Beave


    I enjoyed the video. Good spots with good explainations. I would have liked a short introduction to effective stacks and other general "rules" you refered to throughout the video. Although it becomes quite clear while you discuss the hands.

    I think this video should also be found under the search term MTT and not only under SNG. I think videos should be in different categories if the content permits.

    When is part 2 coming?
  • KatieDozier314


    #61 sockerkakor: Thanks, and yes there are at least two more videos coming. :)

    #64 Beave: Nice of you to remember my first poker videos with Collin. :) I did start out with super turbos, and am very glad I did. They really drilled a great understanding of shove/fold and ICM into me. Thanks for posting the link to my interview! I uploaded the second video about a week ago, so I imagine it will be coming out soon.
  • thecantonkid


    Just watched the video. I must compliment you for the very clear way you explain everything, not just the concepts, but the clarity of your voice, which no doubt makes it easy on the ear for non english speakers.
    Looking forward to part two.
  • MariusGi


    Well done Katie was really helpful !
  • KatieDozier314


    #66 thecantonkid: Thank you!

    #67 MariusGI: I appreciate it! :)
  • maritsula


    this is a great video with well explained reasoning. Thanks for analysing the setmine 20:1 rule and when we can deviate from it
  • C0WB0Y


    Katie, you mention in the video about the strict IO rule of 20-1 and I can't help but observe that you may want to re think the rule you use.
    If we are set mining, we will hit about 8% of the time and so we need about 8-1 or better to be profitable. However the rule actually speaks about 15/25/35 which after taking into consideration the diff variables we need about 15 - 1 not 20-1 to make this call.
    You go on to further explain depending on th eaggressiveness of the player ( or lack therof ) we can drop our strict 20-1 rule which is bang on.
    I'm simply suggesting you re-think your strict 20-1 rule as I think it is going to cause you to lose +ev spots.

  • Mattes123


    Hi Katie,
    I liked your video very much, however, the last Hand when Hero has AKs on the BU I don't agree with your thoughts: I agree that this should be a shove for the given stacksizes (75BB starting the hand). However, you say that you would just shove in that spot with 3k or even 4k, which is 150/200BB preflop. This can never be +EV in my mind, we are basically getting called by QQ/KK+, sometimes getting a bad call by AK. I don't like getting broke in those early stages preflop with AK for more than 100BB without any history. What you think about this?