The Bubble Factor - Theory - Part 2

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In this video, Braminc offers his thoughts on the theory behind the bubble factor, and provides us with enough strategy advice as well as humor, to get us through the toughest of fields.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest video from Braminc, focusing on the Theory of the bubble factor within MTT's!

    Please leave any questions / feedback / comments below for Braminc.
  • Harnas31


  • Harnas31


    sorry mistake
  • Tsubano


    Hellblood tells in his 45 man videos, that he plays till 3 or 4 remaining players to chip Ev. Because of top heavy pay out struktur. But Herer we see it would be a big leak???
  • pokerjan


    € € € €´s
    Waiting for more. Vids and €.
  • braminc


    Hellblood is wrong unless he's playing a very different payout structure (doesnt mean he will be losing money at all, just means its not MAXev)
  • Tsubano


    But if we make i looser call or push and get i bigger stack, didn t rest of the players get a bigger BF on us so that we get in more + Ev spots, because they have to call us looser. So there would be the possibility to gain more chips. Or is this tought incorrect??
  • ihufa


  • braminc


    That's a fair point tsubano. ICM doesn't take into account future game scenarios (but neither does analyzing by chipev). There are MANY times where making a "-ev"push according to ICM can actually be +ev in reality. But that is a complicated topic and you can't just assume it is the case when you WANT it to be the case. Maybe i will make a video on that topic soon. :)
  • DonCorleone369


    Great Great Video! Keep up the gud work ;)! Can't wait for Part :)

    btw that would be awesome if you could make a video on making negative edge pushes.. preferably 9 man STT scenarios :D LOL..

    I cannot say with certainty but I think that topic hasn't been much covered in detail..
  • DonCorleone369


    *Part 3 :D
  • Gameslave


    "Chips are GONE, I don't see any chips".. awesome!! Has almost something of Tony G. . ;)
    I like your videos, educational and still entertaining, please more of that sh.!!
  • zarsky


    When will you release the 3rd part? can't wait
  • mktpppr


    best singing talent of all coaches, "DOLLARS DOLLARS DOLLARS !!!" just nuts