Weekly Freebie: You can't win if you fold - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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Patrick & Callum take to the PokerStrategy.com Recording Room in Gibraltar for the purposes of hand anaysis. They briefly discuss and give their thoughts on the plays made by Patrick, and Callum offers some fresh insight into the effectiveness of the plays made by his standard. Patrick & Callum work here in Gibraltar for the PS.com Marketing Analysis team and try to fit their poker careers around a full-time position of employment. With this video series, they aim to get more involved in our community to kick-start their 2012 with some fantastic hand analysis in a short and sweet, easily digestible format.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first video from Cnoble & pleno1!

    Please leave any questions / comments / feedback, below, for the guys!
  • thegreatmazinga


    n1ce hand sir!
  • DtotheC


    Nice vid guys. A solid approach to judging both what your opponent is likely to have AND what he perceives you to have. WP.
  • acceleration123


    Nice hand !
  • pepsico


    I hope you managed to connect to home database ;)
  • matusko


    love the format. Also interesting idea in this hand (still not completely sure if i like it :)). Villains range is capped at 5x, but if he knows we know that, were fcked :D but nice video, looking forward to next one
  • CallumN


    Make sure to check out the thread Matusko, Ive posted a bit of maths on the hand to back up our reasoning :)
  • pokermachy


    great hand evaluation guys! Really like the line on the river! For me as a NL100 player not sure how many players there are able to let the 5x go there thou.
  • Falco35


    Its now the 2nd time last few days where I see this ReShoving Line on the River, in about equal spots.
    Hm, I dont really know if I like it?! Maybe its nice because youre playing an aggressive thinking player 200BB deep. Its definately an interesting Line if we think he can fold a weak 5. And weak 5x are the only hands from his range we wanna to Fold out.
    Hm, im thinking and evaluating this spot..^^
  • Falco35


    Mathwise it could be an +EV Reshove on the river. If we think he has some Bluffs, weak 5x and maybe, maybe A4 in his range. If most of these hands are folding it should be a +EV spot.
    Also dunno if i like it^^
  • pleno1


    Hey Falco, we are 300bb fwiw :)
  • Coolpawn


    5x would not fold