Yourdoompoker JSfan Review Nl400 - Part 2

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In this video, YourDoom makes a sessionreview for the lucky winner of a Diamond contest. The review is made in the replayer format, where hands from JS1 / JSfan are analysed in-depth for the purpose of improving Hero's play. Watch as JSfan plays against a tough regular and YourDoom takes the plays apart. Enjoy the second part of the user review and feel free to leave any questions or comments for the coach in the comments section! Stay tuned for more YourDoom!


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Comments (30)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the userreview from YourDoom where the winner of a Diamond contest was the lucky participant in an exclusive session review with Ryan!

    We look forward to hearing your Feedback & Comments about the second part of the video, stay tuned for more!
  • EuanM


    The 1st part of the JSfan review from YourDoom has been downgraded to Gold for your enjoyment!

    See the video here:
  • Fox128


    On dry boards with top pairs like in hand 3 (KTo) or like you say with A2 on a Axxxx board. If you've gone for the c/c as PFA line: What if villain checks behind a second time on the turn? Do you check a third time on the River, or do you decide to finally lead, because neither of you can be representing too much?
  • Fox128


    ...oops this got posted too quickly, I wasn't finished:
    I just ask this, because I had a disccusson about it.

    I mean at that point it's very likely that Villains would have some kind of weak SD-value like a PP or Ace-hi (very likely in the KTo hand) themselves that they were pot-controlling and just check most of them down on the river, but they'd often times call the deleyed riverbet.
    I think often times opponents would take a stab on the turn with complete air, trying to take it down.
    In that case we'd lose quite some value if we checked again.

    On the other hand, with some parts of their range they might decide that they can finally go for a thin value-bet on the river, in which case we might even decide to go for a confusing c/r for thin value and get called out of curiousity...
    So.. I'm not entirely sure about this, might be dependent on a lot of stuff like exact board textures and villain's behaviour. What's your line?

    Also nice video again YourDoom! I like!
  • Sneijder1091


    Great video as always!
    Which idiot votes only one star for this vid...
  • YourDoomPoker


    Thanks everyone!

    I have FREE VIDEOS including a free instructional hand on "How to play baby pocket pairs" on my Facebook page right now! (For Likers only) :D

    I'll get to all of your questions shortly!
  • barbeysize


    actualy there is one reason to c/r KJ on Kxxs. this is a very dry board and we know he would cbet here often (100% prob) so we would like to c/r for bluff on this type of flop. but our opp knows exactly the same about our range so we have to balance our c/r range because there only couple of "real" value hands like 22/44 and thats all. KJ is one of our strongest hands here (no AA/KK/AK and not every KQ) and we can induce some bluff 3bets or floats. it depends on our opp for sure but in general...

    maybe im wrong but what would we do as a CO stealer after cbet and get c/r from agro reg? somethng like "wtf is he representing? no way!"
  • Fox128


    There is acually a few reasons to c/r Kx on a Kxx board, but I wouldn't recommend with KJ against a range that barely includes worse Kings.

    There is also many reasons to c/c the KJs hand (the one where we have a flushdraw): It's called balancing our c/c Range. Cuz, as we all know, those types of boards like to get barreled once the flush comes in. If we never c/c a Flushdraw, our Range gets very exploitable and I don't wanna calldown just top-pair etc against every single opponent (if they the information on us, that we never play a FD that way, they might even just 2x pot river and there's no way we can ever call). Is that not an issue at all for you YourDoom?
  • pokerpink88


    great content for gold members, I would like to see more gold content from you :)
  • cyberraver


    Hand2 KJs...after checkraising the flop you barrel every turn? The board pairs on the turn which reduces the combinations of sets that we can have. With the flopcr we represent sets und FDs and some bluffs with overcards. We have no overpairs (perhaps JJ...) and we don´t have any 2 pair combos in our flattingrange from the SB. You consider 3 barreling in the case that board bricks on the Turn and river?
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Fox128:

    I like your comments :) I can see your brain building idea on top of idea...similar to how my brain works.

    #4: At that point I would lead the river. Especially in this example with KJ. You can get plenty of action from a range that will be willing to call one river bet.

    #5: This all sounds reasonable, except the range of hands that will proceed to make a thin river bet and then call a confusing xR is so tiny with most players that I don't think you should make this your general gameplan. In general if you attempt this line, most of the time it'll just get checked back with a hand that would of called your river lead, causing you to lose value.

    #9: I understand what you mean. What I'm explaining in the video is what I believe to be the best way to play these hands in a vacuum. Ofc, like with any line you take in any situation, if you do the same thing over and over again vs. the same players then you'll have to adjust and balance at some point.

    But I think you give most regs too much credit. The theory of what you're saying is correct about how regs should exploit your xC range here, but I've never taken this line and then had to face a 2x pot river bet bluff in actual practice. Have you? And if someone started taking that line vs. me freq, I'd be calling that 2x river bet.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey barbeysize,

    You are right. If you get into a dynamic where you are being played back at often on dry flops, then KJ can actually turn into a value hand here vs some players...if you're getting a lot of action from a much weaker range.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Sneijder!

    Thanks :)
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey pokerpink88,

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I requested that this series be made available to Gold members so that more people could have access.

    The 3rd and final part of this series should be out shortly.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey cyberraver,

    Yes, vs. most players I would be barreling most turns here. The exception would be that if I was playing vs. a nit who has to have a good hand to call my flop xR and who is never ever folding the turn (esp if the board paired) then there would be no reason to bet a bad card on the turn.

    But vs. most and vs. the average player you should still have good fold equity on many turns and therefore betting your big draw is going to be many times better than checking.

    I will only 3 barrel bluff if I think my opponent (based on his perceived range, image of me and general tendencies) is going to fold enough to make it a +EV bet.
  • YourDoomPoker


    I'm running another contest for diamond members similar to this one right now.

    Post here to apply!
  • kacsa1st


    great job, like this video!!

  • JSFan


    Hi all !
    siince these are my hands I am gonna write a short comment her too.
    first and most important. may thanks to ryan for picking me and analysing my hands ! He definitely did a graet job in the videos !
    Then about the hands:
    1st: KJo has to be called down 100% of the time agaist this opponent! But it is somewaht closer since he c-bets only 60% and may give up later.
    But I estmate if he barrels through we have the best hand at showdown at least half the time and thats enough. Especially important to call spade rivers since ther are such cool bluffing cards !
  • JSFan


    2nd: KJs I used to checkraise bet bt all the time. Wanted to try something different, well enede up doing something especially stupid! could have written in the chat: Hey Iam weak plz raise me off my hand!
    3rd: nice to here some praise for abreak
    4th: this a spot wher emotions got the better of me and led to irrational play
    flop Bet: Much too big on this board texture and when he bets taht weak on the turn just go allin !!! yes he may be inducig some of the time, but mostly his tiny bet is what it looks,weakish 2nd pair, maybe QT,sometiimes air, he fold s alot when I move in, should be + EV !
    Many thanks to Ryan once again and looking forwad to the 3rd part !
  • Grossmeiseter


    calling KJ 3 streets only against a player where we have the read that he loves to 3barrel or downt matter? And do we call against anybody the river if a spade comes?
  • RobCurl


    really good video, thanks!

    KTo blind vs blind hand:
    against unknown you would play KJ the same way right?
    And AK bet bet bet because not much beats us or do you sometimes also c/c?
    And what if you bet AK and get raised, do you just pay off if he keeps barreling?
    The question is just related to play vs unknown. Thanks.
  • Grossmeiseter


    KTo blind vs. blind hand:

    Dont we have a probelem by taking this line in case we havent anything? Do we check fold this board everytime or what is our line if we have air?

    If we c/c with a hand and b/f most of the time with air it should be easy for villain to play against us isnt it?
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey Grossmeiseter!

    KJ: Yes, this line works best vs. aggressive regs. If you're playing a supernit and you know for sure that you're beat on the river, then you will want to fold at that point.

    KTo: Balancing only becomes important once you develop a history with regs. Since this is a new villian, that is not a big issue.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey RobCurl!

    All of these hands are pretty similar in this case. I doubt villain flats pre w AK here so KJ and AK are more or less the same hand. So with AK/KJ I can see slightly more merit in betting 3 streets to get thin value from weaker kings, but only slightly more. I still think it's mostly better here to take the same passive line with AK/KJ for all the reasons I outlined in the video. Again, they are all very similar hands.

    If I had a better history with a player who I knew would never bluff raise this spot, then I would bet 3 streets with AK/KJ and fold to a river shove. But only if I had that strong read. It's a tough spot for many players to bluff.
  • EverSteel


    Hey YourDoom,
    a question from the Russian community if you might:
    first hand: if such a calldown on a 3-flush (4-flush) board is correct, wouldn't be a 3-barrel bluff on the same board correct aswell? I like to sometimes bluff all my air (or 2nd pair) thinking that a Kx with a flush-card will call the turn but will fold to the 3rd barrel.
  • RandomGenerator


    Hi YourDoom, in the first hand you say that 3bet with KJo is bad, because our hand doesn't really matters.

    but our hand has to blockers, which significantly decreases the amount of combinations with which the villain can continue. isn't that a good reason for 3betting this hand instead of 27o?
  • RandomGenerator


    okay. you discuss it a bit later in the video, so just ignore my question.
  • greeni


    love your videos and teaching style. please more!!
  • instaflip


    first of all great vid really! love how u teach your thinking process..
    AK BB SQ hand: u say that squeezing 100% here is standard. Shouldn´t we just call a small % of time because otherwise our opponents know we can never show up with AK when we just call pf (assuming history ofc). Now its harder to bluffraise thinking opponents(and msybe barrel turn) on a high flops like 3A7 rainbow because just representing sets now. A9-AJ/Q? would rather call on flop in midstakes games i think.

    aditionally aggressive opponents are more likely to 3barrel me on a high boards when I have no big a in my flattingrange assuming we would treat AQ the same way here what would be logical to me.
    Doesn´t matter this all to much in that spot? should I go to sqeeze 100 instead of 90 here?
  • Gamblewhitme


    what do you think about shoving over his raise on the turn with KJsu?