Diamond user review with kurrkabin

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lessthanthree makes a session review of a $30 Sit & Go played by our Diamond member, kurrkabin1. Learn how lessthanthree would have made the calls and folds as the hands are discussed.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the user review with Diamond member "kurrkabin1" & our SNG coach "lessthanthreee"!

    Please leave any feedback or questions about the video below!
  • Takeiteazy


    enjoyed, perfect commentary, love it!
  • santostr


    10:00 Very player dependent IMO... I'm not familiar with the average unknown player anymore I guess, but I'd bet expecting calls from worse (draws, worse pairs).

    Good video. Nice comentary!
  • dydukas


    Ongame has enough high stakes short handed games too. As well as 60+% rakeback.
  • Dtdftw


    Good video nice to see shorthanded content! Liked the small brakes from hand reviewing to discuss other important aspects.
  • Gerovit


    Captain Kurrk chose 1st hh to show how he owned Akra and only way he can beat him is to suck out in pf all in situation... Well played bro, well played :)
  • Flashman1849


    At 18:00, getting better than 3-to-1 with a set, akrakill can fold only if Hero pre-flop is always flatting AA/KK, >=87.5% shoving AK, always folding 44 yet flatting 77, and never bluffing/misclicking/spewing with air or an Ace or King.
  • Flashman1849


    Correction: that should be ">=77.8% shoving AK". But it rises to 88.9% if we take both 44 and 77 out of Hero's pre-flop flatting range - surely Hero flats with AK at least 12% of the time?
  • lessthanthreee


    i dont think hero ships AK on the river for value that often. doesnt make sense for hero to ship AK on the river for value when villain cant b/c worse than a set. I also dont think spews are likely given the odds villain is getting. so looks like a bet/fold even getting odds because villain just cant ever have a worse hand.

    yes, he can certainly flat AK more than 12% of the time, but his river line is not consistent with AK.
  • Flashman1849


    You make a good point about AK not being great to shove, but wouldn't many players sometimes do this without thinking? By checking the turn and betting the river Villain is representing a strong Ace or AK, so isn't it also possible that Hero could be bluff-raising with an Ace, King, or pair to represent a set, especially given you say it's fairly standard for either player to fear a set here? Or do you think Hero's river-raising range is never polarised and contains only AA and KK, given his flat-call pre-flop? His range need contain only two combinations besides AA/KK, or one combination if AA/KK shoves pre-flop half the time, for this to be a call.
  • lessthanthreee


    you raise an interesting point. it would be a sick line for kurri to bluff raise AK on the river with 2 blockers to top and 2nd set trying to get villain to fold 77/66. but i think thats just FPS. my thinking is that the river shove is never a hand worse than a set. Hence, why it would be a sick line to bluff shove AK on the river, but I dont think anyone is capable.
  • Flashman1849


    You're probably right, and I'm almost ready to concede that AK should never shove the river; but then we're assuming almost perfectly rational players - and if Villain is bet-folding with 66, Hero can't even raise KK for value! So his shoving range becomes AA and sick bluffs. This is clearly going too far, and is a hall of mirrors to think about, but in practice I can't get away from the feeling that AK is sometimes induced to shove with rivered top two, given Villain's wide range, and Villain has sufficient chips to make the call - although it would have been a great lay-down. Thinking about all of this, incidentally, does make me question the flop-bet, given Hero's range is JJ+ and maybe AQ+.
  • lessthanthreee


    really enjoying this discussion! The hall of mirrors is exactly what it is. A huge part of reg vs reg hands is finding out what level your opponent is on and trying to be 1 level above. The flop bet does look a bit suspect now that you mention it. cool spot indeed.
  • Flashman1849


    Yes, thanks for your responses on this hand - I've learned a lot in general from your videos, and lately have been curious about your willingness to make huge open-shoves as a dominating big stack. Could you maybe explain the reads and practical considerations behind these in a future video?
  • lessthanthreee


    I assume you mean on the bubble? Ill try cover that in a future video :)
  • CaveZone


    "We basically have the nuts" at 15:40. The nuts would be for the player holding 58, second nuts holding 35, third nuts AA. So KKK is pretty far from being the nuts. OK, very few prople would raise pre-flop with 58 or 35, but certainly would with AA.
  • lessthanthreee


    obviously i know what the nuts are. 58,35 not in villain range. and AA unlikely given post-flop line. therefore, "we basically have the nuts"
  • Tim64


    Good vid, as always. In game, I could not fold our set of 6s on the river. By checking the turn and then betting the river our line doesn't look super strong here and might well induce a mistake. I think we would see enough spew AK shoves or weird moves to call profitably. Particularly as we could expect hero to 3b AA/KK/AK preflop the majority of the time.
  • akrammon


    Hey guys!
    Yet another amazing vid, sir!
    I really hate the way I played the 89o, dont rly know what I was thinking, but I was repping so thin... anyway :)
    As for the KK v 66 hand tho, I remember that one cos the river was super tough spot for me, but I tend to disagree that I should be bet/folding the set there. Few thoughts about the hand in general: first of all, I didn't see kurrk (or myself, for that matter) jamming AK (or basically anything) for 24ish bbs pre, I think he just flats his entire range there. I would do the same. I mean your reasoning is ofc correct for shoving AK, but once you start shoving these hands and flatting qq+ or kk+ then the thing is pretty much the same imo than in the 3bet-small scenario, giving away your hand, isn't it? But maybe I'm missing something, that's why I'm asking :)
    With that in mind, I checked the turn to induce a bet from his floats (you pointed it out in your commentary), so when kurrkabin checks behind, imo he is pretty de-polarized(lol), saying that he would bet the set of As (and maybe AK) simply cos he would bet his floats too. We both know he floats a lot. So when he checks, I narrowed him down to some weak sd value.
    With that in mind, I was thinking that he could've possibly realized that his weak sd value is not enough after my biggish bet on the river and tried turning it into a bluff... I know it's not very likely at all, but I just can't narrow his range down to KK (which, at that point, would be necessary for me to fold in my opinion). I mean if we were folding a set of 6s on that board then it's super profitable for 99-QQ to be turned into a bluff in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong. Also, I've never seen kurrk bluffing in a spot like this, but I know he has his moves :D
    Anyway, just my 2 cents :)
    Maan that was a fkin tough spot. I hated my life on the river :)

    p.s. JarrpeK is the reg in the 2nd HH, doesn't change much. Except that the A2o is a snap instead of an "okay call" :)
  • lessthanthreee


    WOW ! meta games!!!! Your reasoning is fine IMO. with your history (and correct assumptions about his turn betting/checking ranges) you can probably give him some SICK river bluffs which makes it a b/c.

    @ Everyone reading this: dont worry about the KK v 66 hand. the # of times you come accross this situation in reg v reg with that much meta is so close to ZERO that its not worth your time studying it. You will probably lose more EV ITLR by out-leveling yourself.

    Hands like this 66 v KK are really fun to analyse, but practically worthless in terms of value you can get by adjusting your games. My advice would be to listen to my thought process when evaluating that hand and trying to implement that general process when you get tough spots like this.

  • RovarTry


    Thank you for that last comment cuz my head was about to explode trying to analyze it. :) Great video, it certainly aroused my interest in 6-max STTs! Love your vids, keep up the good work!
  • AndreNC


    Its late but i really liked this video and i wanted to say this. All the explanations are really good.
    I have to say i really dont like the 89s spot in the hu. I mean i can never see kurrkabin playing ax the same way. i think hes always shoving ax. Thats what makes the flop pretty easy to bluff from his opponent.
    and in my point of view i would never shove the 32s. I mean we said that the opponent was pretty tight. i can see him limp trapping very often and even with medium strength hands the hu is a different scenario( he might call pretty light after limping) so i prefer to check and show agression on the turn if he´s showing weakness, or depends on the flop even there

    I mean even if we hit the 9 or 8 in the spot and the adversary shows agression its gonna be a hard spot for us. because 109 109 j9 j10 etc hes not going to shove these hands preflop from what i have seen in this video. so i kinda prefer to shove it directly.
  • NightRage18


    What ROI is achievable on that stakes on ipoker in your opinion?