Micro Surgery - Part 10 - Variance & Bankroll Management

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The tenth part of the Fixed-Limit series from Boomer explores the concept and softskill of Variance & Bankroll management in relation to the Fixed-Limit game.


Bankroll Building brm Micro Surgery series thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the tenth part of Micro Surgery where the variance & bankroll management concepts are explored with discussion from Boomer!

    Leave any questions about "soft skills" when it comes to Poker below!
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Very nice!
  • beg0r


    small mistake at the variance simulation: 1bb/100 winrate with 18bb/100 SD means 1 bigbling/100, not 1 bigbet. :)
  • beg0r


    wait, no. why do i post before i think!! omfg! :D

    ok, maybe you were right :):):)
  • bazerk


    Why gold?
  • puccini1


    ^ same question.
  • bazerk


    Yay siver! thanx PS
  • DzikiHenry


    big bet on NL25 is ??? $$ ??
  • DzikiHenry


    take shot on nl50 with 170$ ? ?? per table ??
  • DzikiHenry


    ups sry its for fixed :P
  • arcari


    waiting russian translation......
  • renatopereira123


    Great series!
  • Laci24


    Nice Vid! thx
  • kavboj84


    I dont get it why "looseness" shouldnt effect variance. I dont really think that playing only when you are a 80:20 favorite has the same variance as playing only coinflip situations. You simply win almost every hand, so your deviation from your winrate is smaller than winning a hand and losing the next one.
  • Boomer2k10


    Looseness will affect variance to a degree but to nowhere near the same degree as aggression does

    Also what you are describing is the expected value of the players when they enter a hand which has no bearing on how much variance they will suffer. If they are a fire spewing maniac whenever they're in a pot they're going to suffer bigger swings than someone who's a timid lamb (i.e. win bigger pots, lose bigger pots). How much of a favourite they are to win the hand has no bearing on how far from teh medium they'll swing