5 Betting - The Theory - Part 2

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NeverBluffing gives us the rundown of 4 and 5 - Betting in current No-Limit cash games from his perspective. You can check out the first part here: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/22565/


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part for some more theory on four and five betting with "NeverBluffing"!

    Feel free to leave your questions & comments for the coach!
  • autheking


    why was part 1 gold and this one diamond?
  • Ratatuj


    autheking, as you could mention the author used hands from NL400-1000 in the video, so it was a diamond content. We lowered the status, because it was his first video and we did it as promo.
  • morris979


    This is the second recent series where the first part has been Gold and then the second Diamond. Is this likely to be a regular thing? If so why?
  • morris979


    Sorry just read Ratatuj post. Expect it was the same with the other one as well.
  • Robmaster555


    Nice video.

    Is the Bu vs MP 5-bet range still up to date? I think that some good regulars can 3-bet from the bu more than 15% and if he only jammed JJ+ AK+ the 4-bet must be so profitable. Or do you have in this spots a 4-bet calling range?
  • NeverBluffing30


    Robmaster -- Yes, this is up to date for mid-stakes 6max games on Party. The data on villain's ranges I used is actual data from Regs in those games over the past 4-5 months. This is one of the benefits of deliberately going through your database and seeing how Regs in today's games actually play, rather than just assuming they have a certain 4-betting range. I agree that this can lead to some interesting conclusions, but that's inevitable because the way people theoretically play is different from how they actually play.

    You're definitely right that if Regs were 3-betting a 15% range on the button and only continuing with JJ+/AK, then a 4-bet bluff would be hugely profitable. If they're a good LAG and are 3-betting their button this frequently, then they'd recognize how wide their perceived range is and they would thus widen their 5-betting or continuing range accordingly, in order to not be exploited by other good regs.

    But in my experience most Regs are 3-betting their button somewhere between 6-10%. Obviously more when it's CO vs. BU and less when it's UTG vs. BU. Because a 4-bet bluff needs to take it down ~60% of the time to break even or turn a profit, and JJ+/AK = 3% of all hands, then if we are:
    a) 3-betting > 7.5% of all hands on the button, villain will have a +EV 4-bet bluff in general
    b) 3-betting < 7.5% of hands, villain does not have a profitable 4-bet bluff in general (maybe he will if he has good blockers like Ax or KJ)

    Again, this is assuming we are only 5-betting JJ+/AK.

    If we are actually 3-betting let's say 10% of hands on the button, then we need to be prepared to widen our 5-betting range accordingly against some regs.
  • NeverBluffing30


    The 7.5% breakeven line above comes from this:

    JJ+/AK = 3% of all hands that we are 5-betting.

    3% = 7.5 x 40% (our value 3-betting range)
    4.5% = 60% of 7.5 (our 3-bet bluffing range)

    As mentioned in video 1, villain needs to succeed with a 4-bet bluff at least ~60% of the time.
  • veriz


    Great Job with both parts! And of course even better explanations. Keep coming the good stuff.
  • mouse166


    даешь перевод на русский 2-ой части -))
  • rifearmo85


    What about the 4bet%? I mean if villian has 20% of 4bet and only goes all in with 3% of the range, we can wider our range of shoving isn't it? Thanks
  • Rogbey


    Has the first video been taken down?