How to turn Pro

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Faarcyde gives us a run through on what he has learned of the challenges we face when turning pro - and provides tips on how to get there and the pros & cons thereof.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest video from faarcyde featuring tips & advice on becoming a professional player and planning like a pro!

    Leave any questions for the coach here
  • phantommm92


    I don't want to see you anymore!

    just joking dude, nice video, keep up the good work
  • Kyyberi


    Epic paint ftw!
  • IronPumper


    wanna have it as MP3-file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Other coachingsites are also offering such Vids with needless slides as MP3-files, fuck!
  • Skring


    Great vid, keep them coming :D
  • Pstrats


    Hey faarcyde,

    What's your opinion about the chances to become a poker pro in countries where you have to pay a reasonable amount of taxes over your pokerwinnings?

    For instance: In the Netherlands we have to pay 29% tax over our monthly pokerwinnings. (We have to pay per calendarmonth zo we can't compensate winning months with losing months.) This 29% really hurts when it comes to building a bankroll so that you can play the stakes where you can actually make enough money to make poker +EV versus a simple job.
  • AAgrandmAA


    question to Pstrats :

    Hello, this is really interesting for me as a student of law in czech republic. I would like to ask you what does mean that you have to pay 29% tax over monthly pokerwinnings. I mean - when I first look at this statement I would think, that you must pay 29% for all money that you withdraw from your poker account. I dont think, that they can control in any way how much money do you win if you do not withdraw it from your poker account? Or am I wrong ?
  • Pstrats


    @7: Officially you have to pay 29% tax over your monthly winnings, no matter if you cash out or not. So say I make a $1000 in January then I should cash out $290 and pay it to the tax authority.

    It is true that the tax authority can't really see how much money you have on your pokeraccount but there are two problems:

    - Once you do make (a lot of) money and you want to be able to spend this money you will need to cash out. At that point the tax authority will notice that you have an income from poker and they'll send you a form where you have to fill in your pokerincome from the last several years. (I believe it's up to 5-7 years.) When they find out you made money in the past and you didn't report this money, you will still need to pay tax over this income plus a 10-30% fine.

    - Second problem is that the Dutch government is busy legalising online poker and gambling. This April the 1st a new authority goes live which will control all gambling in the Netherlands. There's a huge chance that people will be required to share their personal information with this autority to be able to play online poker. Needless to say this authority will share this info with the tax authority.

    At this moment in time paying tax is semi-voluntarily but in a few months time it's probably an obligation to all Dutch pokerplayers.

    Having to pay 29% tax feels like a major 'bump in the road' to becoming a poker pro.
  • autheking


    thanks for the video. gives me much more clarity now.
  • megalomaniac323


    for sleeping well? ;)
  • timewarior


    really good video
  • faarcyde


    @PStrats...that sounds...tough. I'd probably move to another country :-( Sorry that is the best advice I have!
  • faarcyde


    @PStrats: I would move to a new country. Sorry, that is the best advice I have :-( I pay about 35 percent of my income to taxes, but I get to deduct a lot of expenses and pay on a quarterly basis that is then adjusted for gross income at the end of the year.
  • Gouzigouzi


    What's the difference between a pro and a semi-pro?
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Ty for the video - will hit the games from 12am to 6pm now ;-)
  • DonBartos


    Nice vid again faar
  • Duziks


    this video realy changed thinking thx a lot
  • Ohs


    Awesome video, though I get the feeling that as you described the pros and cons of being a poker pro it doesn't seem like you think it is a good path.I'd definitlz like it as a part-time job on collage/uni.
  • EverSteel


    Hey faarcyde,
    a couple qs if you might:
    1) What rules do you use for cashing out from the bankroll, how do you determine which part of winnings is actually your 'salary'?
    2) Did you lose motivation several months into the start of your carrer? If so, how did you fight with that stage of excuses and laziness?

    great vid overall
  • faarcyde



    1) I have a set amount of buyins I use and whenever I am above that I cashout. The actual number is arbitrary, it is basically whenever I feel like it.

    2) No, I never lost motivation in the beginning. I was lucky enough to run well my first few months so that may have had something to do with it. As far as combating laziness...I guess I don't have any grand ideas, but as I said in the video I set a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Setting monthly goals, volume or time wise, is a good start.
  • lulualine


    Amazing vid, really helpful. Ty faar!
  • w34z3l


    love the paint graph
  • Foonesh


    damn i was really looking forward to hearing the numbers, but the 4 minute length was just 10 seconds too short.. owell, time to grind the gold^^
    btw awesome videos Faarcyde
  • OMGMadDoggy


    thank you for video. Good ideas in simple words.
  • mktpppr


    really good stuff thx
  • Johniiicek


    Thumb up for your girlfriend! Nice vid btw. Looks like few other videos here, but infinity of videos like this one is not eneough! Thanks.
  • rogal27


    Hi, nice vid. When you talk about good timing you means that in 2006 - 2007 -2008 poker was much easier then now ......
    Yeah, if someone had that time vision and determination to turn pro it was a very good years ....because of many many recreational players ( whales ) on online sites - I was a beginer and was able to won from starting 50USD capital 3k in one moth on cash game tables - nowdays its not possible :)

    Nowdays 90% of players are educated and start playing after they know something about poker and they are permanently developing their game.

    But if someone really want to turn poker pro its possible but its a very very hard work !!!