Weekly Freebie: A Little buy-in - Part 1

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JonathanLittle reviews a hand history from our community member "Kaitz20", who ended up heads-up with a Gold member in the largest tournament PokerStars has held to date.


Beginner PokerStars User Session Review weekly freebie

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new Weekly Freebie!

    JonathanLittle makes a review of the HUGE $1 tournament that PokerStars held for their tenth year in the business, where our coach "Kaitz20" ended up Heads-up with a Gold member after a few hours of play.

    Please rate the video and leave your thoughts & feedback for the guys !
  • Raiden1905


    min 20: villain limped KQs earlier so i dont think that he will openjam with ax or broadway.
    imo easy fold with AT.
  • smokinnurse


    Kaitz20 is a PS coach? ^^oookk
    russian community?
  • VSBGimli


    There are 2 hands in first 10 minutes, where you recommend lower cbet after Kaitz20's preflop raise, when flop is like 667 (second one with flush draw). you say u waana be able to get away cheap if he raises or check raises u allin. Well as I see it, i like bigger bet, because if I bet small, he will think im weak, coz thats what i really am in this hand and just shoves it lots of time. At least i would do it. When i see guys bet small and i feel weakness i try shove or check raise with A high or flush draw or something. If i bet bigger he might think OK, he has an overpair or something and just folds... And there is second hand i dont understand is, when Katz raises preflop AQs, BB calls flop is A23 and BB donk bets. Kaitz raises and i like it, because if he has like A9 and I just calls his bet and turn or river he hits the 9 i feel so stupid for letting him to get there, so i rather raise and if we get to allin and turn or river just comes 9 i say, whatever, he was lucky, so i rather win 700 than lose everything.
  • endreKKKK


    nice videos as always Jlittle = )
    big up ur vid!!
  • doodikoff


    players on this limit dont play reasonable
  • JonathanLittle


    VSB, In general, if you bet the same size with your strong hands and weak hands, you will be very tough to play against. The last thing you want to do is bet large with everything because on average, you are going to have a weak hand.

    As for the AQ, if you think your opponent is drawing thin, raising makes no sense because you dont want to blow them off their hand that has very little equity. Sometimes you get outdrawn and that is an acceptable result.


    Hi Jonatahan,
    Very nice review. Can u please make a video on how 2 play the "poker strategy 10k$ depositor's Free rolls" ?
  • Bartmannn


    Video down?
  • Fipa87


    The KT hand in the sb. When you donk out, get called, and say a non spade 3 or something like than comes on the turn, do you bet again, or just give up? How aggressive should you be in that type of situation, if the opponent is a random? Great video btw, as always.
  • JonathanLittle


    As I say, I dont really like the KT donk. I imagine the hero would give up if called, but who knows.
  • Duygutschi


    Dieses Video wurde entfernt, weil sein Inhalt gegen die youtube-Nutzungsbedingungen verstößt?
  • BigAl123456


    Hero seems to play very lose with alot of Min Raiseing on early blinds, I dont really understand that?
  • BloodDG


    Jonathan is gr8 but that Kaitz... the whole video is about that Jonathan is saying its bad, its not good... and these things... So the video can't be serious and can't be rated properly...
  • RentzEst


    Otherwise, a good video, but yes sometimes seemed that plays too loose
  • Troubleatdirtgulchep08


    Man I could listen to Johnathan Littlle ALL day...genius imo!