Double or Nothing - Part 2

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In the second part of the double or nothing series from our londstanding German coach - Jaroz007, we discuss early stage plays made by Hero, a member from our community. We hope you enjoy the video & leave feedback and comments for Jaroz007.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the "Double or Nothing" series from Jaroz007 & the user CaptainClemo, in this video Jaroz will focus on the play of the early hands by Hero!

    Please leave any feedback or questions you may have for the coach!
  • SanFather


    standart tayte reguler game, but i think his low and so one table his is small and where statistic?
  • SanFather


    Would be the statistican and more tables...
  • aciddrop


    I like the observations regarding opponents, and clearly it is possible to make very good decisions based only on principles and reads. Nice one.
  • Mar4el777


    lame vid! whould be interesting two years ago
  • Jaroz007


    #2+3 I don't really understand the exact request in your comments. Do you want to see stats for the players & more tables reviewed?
    #4 Thanks for the nice reply

    #5 Thanks for the feedback, but I don't see how the concepts of the video don't apply today.
    since I am very confident in my game and I think especially looking a lot at opponents ranges helped me to improve.
  • TheLazyGrinder


    Hi, must appreciate that u make this series of videos, but imo this one was little bit boring, and pretty most of spots was pretty standard, most of time u were speaking about spots like: Q7o is not good enough to play in early phase, the sizing 225/250 is ok , im not saying it was bad, just little bit pointless for players who are not pure beginners.
    Another thing i didnt like was that u commented only individual spots, it wasnt based on HUD statistics, or any reads ( it looked like u havent played on ipoker for longer time, since u didnt know nicknames of regulars there), because it can completely change your decision if u know who r u playing against. And its only my opinion, but i would say that games changed little bit for over 3/4 years since time it was played.
  • Jaroz007


    Hi, yes I didn't play the games since I only played the 11$ 6max DoNs on IPoker 1-2years ago. usually play 33$+ so I don't know any of the regs.
    Thats why I commented only on my reads that I had during the video but thanks for the feedback I hope the next part is a little more interesting since its about push/folding ranges w/ more reads on the players.
  • TheLazyGrinder


    i guess that was 22$ DoN , and at least in first table those two players (lestalgaboo and makeupee) were very well known in that time. Makepee has played 20-100$ dons until end of year, so it surprising that u doesnt know nick. R u still playing nowadays? im no 30-50$ stakes mostly so maybe we r playing against each other often
  • Jaroz007


    Yeah exchange 11$ w/ 22$ in my post, that was a mistype. I play very infrequently on Ipoker since I don't like the software (and rake for that matter) that much. I can add you in the comm for more exchange.
  • erkyl


    Very boring vid, nothing about DON and many blind guesses and some errors. I think you should not try so often to give a ranges to a fish (for example on the min contibet, you say that he have a weak hand like 2nd / 3rd pair, and if fact he had TP+OESD, not really a good read). You should not loose time saying "the fish bet rep nothing"or "is bad"... ofc: he is a fish, we don't care. And definitely stop sayind "T6o is not really a good hand to defend your blind from UTG raise beacause..." blablabla and spend every T6o in BB 2 min of blablating. I think there are many basic SnG vids were everyone can get that, just explain that you should defend even more tigher in DOn than in SnG.

    @32:49 KJ is really ok but I don't think an auto raise for me. It can be raise according to the player behind, with agressives player it's a fold. In this case this is ok, but the push is for me really really -ev as BB and Sb will call you with 8-10% ranges. This is not Sng but DON! So sadthe only DON spot of the video is missed...

    @47:30 we can make value, but we can also often makes each oponents fold 25% equity which is really good.

    @53:00 I'm not really sure we have any FE preflop. I don't often see people 3bet bluff, especially against UTG. So I rather push preflop tu be sure to stack TT, JJ and AK that might some time fold on the flop. in adition in DON our value pushing range should be really thin in this spot, if you remove AA from this range, there is not much left...

    Finally, I think I never heard you say DON not even once during the whole vid. This could have been cash game your analysis would have been the same. I think you over estimate the value of suited hands OOP (according to your comments on preflop calls) as playing +ev draws is not easy in DoN, but as we did not see any spot, it's hard to be sure.
  • Jaroz007


    Hi, thanks for the comment even though I disagree with some your statements I appreciate your reply.

    First of all I understand that saying to fold standard hands gets really boring, will not do it again.
    Second I disagree that putting "recreational players" on ranges is bad, it can still help to make better decisions. But still first ~40min can be made about 2/3 shorter I agree.

    @KJ: SB and BB will not call with 8-10%, I have to strongly disagree. Since SB is a reg he will call TT+, AQ+ at most ESPECIALLY because this is a DON.
    I play DOns for 3 years and know the game, I would never shove KJo in a normal SNG. However in a DoN its definitely a +EV push if they are not calling terribly -EV (which 8% would be). Nash gives SB and BB 4.2% (99+ AQs+ AKo) Calling range if we shove 23.5% which includes KTo+.
  • Jaroz007


    @ 47:30 You are right that I didnt mention that. this makes betting even better in this spot.

    @ 53:00 Well I have seen a lot of 3bet/folds in these games, good players will even 3bet/fold QQ against a Push often unfortunately and "not so good" players will 3bet AQ/AJ hands but decide to fold to a shove.
    I don't think we need to have a balanced repushing range because a 3bet, so I just look to get max. Value and I still think this the best line for it.

    And finally my Analysis was all made for DoNs, I would play Cash games very differenty, its obv bad if you see it that way from my Video.
    I Guess I did not explain myself well enough.
  • Jaroz007


    because=against :)
  • erkyl


    @32:49 ok, SB is not a fish, he might not be the best reg aver too, so lest's assume he will call only AQ+ TT+, but I dont think BB will fold 55 ou ATo, so I still think your push is really -ev. And I don't think there is any reason to risk 15BB at this stage of the DON.

    @53:00 I really don't think 3bet folding QQ here is really a great play... not the best hand to turn into a bluff IMO. The interest of balancing is that AK would really be a nice bluff hand if it is balanced with value hands like AA. But if you cold call AA, how do you play AK here for example?
  • Jaroz007


    I just saw your reply

    @32:49 if the BB is calling 55+,AT+ the Push becomes -EV thats true, if only -0.2. I guess I dont see him calling this loose but some players will.
    But as a default I would not Push there anyway bc I think raising is often the better play (or folding if they are very loose).
    @ 53:00 I agree that 3bet/folding QQ is not good, but some regs will do it definitely. I would either fold or Repush AK here, against a reg more often fold because the range is too strong.