C3rqu3ira Review with AaronLambert - Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $75
  • Fullring
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AaronLambert makes a review of a tournament played by PokerStrategy.com memer C3rqu3ira in the hand replayer format for the purpose of in-depth analysis.


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Comments (17)

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  • pokerjan


  • EuanM


  • BHSurfer


    easy, i would have played every hand the same way, not so much difficult spots so far. The K9s shove would have been a fold like Aaron assumed.
  • madein1984


    16:00 I doubt he makes this big reshove with KK+, so with AQs it should be about break even (against 66-QQ, AQ+ it's 43,64%), without QQ in his range it's 44,13%.
  • pokerjan


    25% ITM Dealer Reads?
  • bagger0405


    22:00 A8o SB complete: I think a check/call on the Flop would be better.
    First of all, I think giving a free Turn card isn't dangerous, especially if we have the Ah, because a lower 1-card-FD might peal on the turn, creating extra value for us, etc.
    I also assume that qsf84 always checks, when checked to him.
    If we would play against salpoker444 alone, check/call to induce bluffs is clearly the better option because against his strong range we get it in no matter what.
    Unfortunately qsf84 is in the hand as well. Here I would disagree, that we are getting more information by betting out than by check/calling. We pay the same amount of 1 bet if we lead or check/call salpoker444's bet and have to fold to a shove by qsf84.
    With check/calling we are only getting a problem with having no information on qsf84, if salpoker444 bets big / shoves 2,5x pot, when checked to him. But I think that salpoker444 betting big and qsf84 having A6, A9+, K6 and 66 doesn't happen often enough that this lack of information is a big factor.
    In summary: I think the value of check/calling to induce bluffs by salpoker44 outweighs the risk of having no information on qsf84 in a situation when salpoker444 bets big.
  • gehtduer


    I think ure raeally off with rounder63's range in min41. He is a good reg and will shove reallly wide here with 6 tue BB. I think he jams even all the offsuit connectors that are better than 67 or 78o and 1gappers 97o+ and pretty much all suited Jx,Qx etc....
  • gehtduer


    i think its a snap call...
  • gehtduer


    i think its a snapcall
  • spiili


    I'd shove k8o in the end.
  • AaronLambert


    @4 if that is the case then folding is still the best option if you plan on having an edge vs the field.

    @6 I see your argument. I just like the idea of squeezing the big stack out as I mentioned. It is definitely a pretty interesting situation that can often be overlooked.

    @7 I definitely would be shoving that type of range myself. I wasn't sure he was a reg or not but if he is he should have they type of shoving range.

    Thanks guys for watching :)
  • alwayswinning1111


    i think 55 is an easy call against rounders range.
    what stats did the guy play who opened 3bb in ep when u have 88 in mit 32:30?
    he is probably a fish and might even fold here. i think 88 is probably a shove, if villain is no nit.
    in min 35:30 u play again against rounders. his range if looser as u say again and its probably a shove (i dont know how the circumstance that u have 5 players behind changes that, that would have been interesting to know)
  • alwayswinning1111


    edit: "is" not "if"
  • AaronLambert


    @12 not sure as this didn't include stats.

    the KQs hand I agree I think he should be wider here not sure why I have him so tight. The number of players behind matters a bit because you don't want someone to call here with AK, AQ KK+ and the more players left to act makes that more likely. I'd be happier to iso shove with less people behind me.
  • Gurzamkd


    In comment #12 "always" asks about the 88 hand on the BU 32:55 min, there is UTG2 3xBB raise and hero folds without even considering, call in this stop is bad, but a shove is an option worth thinking about ???
  • AaronLambert


    it always worries me when someone opens from ep with 10bbs and doesn't shove. It would be very player dependent as far as whether pushing is a good option or not. If the player had loose stats like 35-25 then I like shoving but if the player was tight playing a 18-15 I would rather fold because our opponents hand range is to tight to really put it in with 88 here
  • alemarborges


    First time I saw one of yours videos and I really liked