Yourdoompoker JSfan Review Nl400 - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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In this video, YourDoom makes a sessionreview for the lucky winner of a Diamond contest. The review is made in the replayer format, where hands from JSfan are analysed in-depth for the purpose of improving Hero's play. Watch as JSfan plays against a tough regular and YourDoom takes the plays apart. Enjoy the third part of the user review and feel free to leave any questions or comments for the coach in the comments section! Stay tuned for more YourDoom!


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Comments (49)

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  • yomatiyo


    First =P
  • yomatiyo


    First hand, what about the size of our rise in the flop? why so big? why not x2.5 for wxample? dont u think is enought and is better? so we are balanced?.
  • z1pz0r


    how do you exploit this polarized 3betting hand range then? Seems to me that your flatting range is only TT+, KQs?
  • RobCurl


    Hi Ryan, very good analysis as always!
    KTs Hand:
    I understand your point of not 3betting a hand like KTs but to me it is a lot different when facing a 3bet with that type of hand. Maybe you don´t but I see a lot of 3betting with JTo QTo hands where people think, oh too weak to call OOP and also a LOT K4s type of hands rather than 54o as shown in your polarized range. At least on NL200. Calling here for me is definitly an option in position.
    I also don´t like the raise size on flop. If you make it 45 and vilain calls the pot would be approx. 130 and we have 106 left to ship or give up the turn...
  • yomatiyo


    I agree whit 4, a LOT of people 3bet QT K5s JTo etc... and a lot of people also call whit a los of JTs J9s J8s JQs etc
  • z1pz0r


    #4, #5, that's called unpolarized 3betting and is assummed by regs like yourdoom (and me) to be unprofitable. Against those you're more inclined to call ofcourse (btw you should also 4bet them more to negate them their postflop value in 3b pot).
    Also, I'd add to my comment: flatting range against this kind of villain in first hand would be 66(77)-88(99), KQ, AJ?
  • z1pz0r


    I added KQ and AJ because I assume that many regs 3bet KJ for value (I do it sometimes)
  • Sneijder1091


    Great series! ty!
  • Diddy81


    ad #7:
    Your defendingrange is in my opinion to small, if you just defend with this combos + your value 4-bet-Range + Bluffs (40%) in this spot.
  • yomatiyo


    6, why bet them more and negate they the postflop value in 3b? we have position and a hand that dominat a lot of times.. dont get why turn that into a bluff (I just prefear 46o).
    I know is unpolarized =P good MS do that, and is tought to play against that play.
    I also understand that against some players you should not use it, but vs some players I think we should.
  • yomatiyo


    I mean, "why 4bet them"
  • Fox128


    #1: I think KTs is an ok passive defend vs a high 3B%. The range you gave to him is what I'd call something like "worst case". A very aggressive and good 3better usually also will 3bet suited low Kings etc., might also have suited Tx etc. With his high 3B% maybe he doesn't even have a calling range from the SB, which is also not unusual nowadays. I'd look into his call% from SB and I'd also look at the BB. If the BB is a squeezehappy/good aggressive player, this has a huge influence on the SBs behaviour etc..

    I wonder about JSfan's stacksize!!

    Also I DON'T like the flopraise. I don't see JSfan raising too many valuehands here, I'd rather flat most of my continuing range on a board like this against good regs. Ofc he might have enough foldEQ%. Not sure about this. Won't look it up but keep in mind there is also many 76,65,54,etc which this player is never gonna fold.

    #2: The cbet size is way too small imo, unless maybe if you WANT to induce the raise. No?

    #3: I agree. The hand was played
    perfectly fine.

    #4: Agree. I don't like the flopraise at all.

    Good video, but I'd rather see some more interesting hands played by yourself again.
  • JSFan


    Ryan = the best coach on pokerstrategy
    thats all there is to say
  • matusko


    Liked the series! Also wondering what your strategy would be against a polarized range? What exactly is your flating range? Something like z1pz0r mentioned?
  • YourDoomPoker


    Thanks everyone!

    Want to see more videos?...for free!?

    LIKE my Facebook page now! :D

    I'll answer every question shortly.
  • z1pz0r


    I see that my comment was a bit confusing ... I meant that we should be inclined to call only with hands like KJs and 4bet hands like TQs and TJs that you would otherwise call (against someone who 3bets like T6s, K5s ...)
  • z1pz0r


    If we call with 77 because we assume that against 15% 3bet range our hand will be best most of the time, why is KTs so bad? When we hit a ten or a king, we are dominated very low % of time. You might argue that we won't get action by hands like low SCs, but then we can just exploit him by floating a lot of flops, because he can't continue with so many of his small SCs
  • stylus20


    #1 KTss, thinking about flatting KTs as SB vs an btn raise isn't a winning play unless the bb is a super tight nit. good regs will sqz the hell out of that spot so that you will have to backraise alot if you don't simply wanna burn money.
    i don't see a problem to 3bet top of my SB folding range (KTs,QJo,QTo and so on) against button openings (especially if btn folds a lot). i'm not a big fan of the "well you could 3bet any 2 then" argument, because you simply get huge frequenzy problems. really think you shouldn't have much of a SB flatting range against btn openraises, unless the BB is a real passiv, grinding player.
  • Gouzigouzi


    1st spot : raise to 5$ then fold. 65$ saved.
  • YourDoomPoker


    Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments and questions! Here we go...
  • YourDoomPoker


    #2 - I agree. $60 is excessive. I think we could get the same job done with a raise to $45-$50 here, as that amount will (should) still put the opponent to a decision for all of his chips.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #3 - This is somewhat correct. It really depends on how wide they are 3 betting this spot. If they are 3 betting very wide I will start flatting 99-22, and small to medium connectors with the plan to call or raise 100% of flops.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #4 & 5 - Thanks! Well, if your KT dominates much of your opponent's 3 betting range, then yes, ofc you can call with it. But I would never call with it vs. the range displayed.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #6 - Correct. And yes, vs a wide range I'll definitely flat the top of my "not happy to get it in with" hands like AJ/KQ and if I flop top pr, I have the nuts.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #8 - Thanks!
  • YourDoomPoker


    #9 - I can defend with other hands as well (mentioned in #22)
  • YourDoomPoker


    #12 - #1 I disagree, I do like the raise. I would raise and ship any pp 33+, 65,76, 54, 64 here for value vs. this guy. Plus even if he is suspicious of our raise, most players don't bluff shove their stacks with air here. Usually they stare at the screen, mutter something under their breath like "that raise is bs" and then click the fold button anyway.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #12 - #2- Well he is cbetting 57% of pot which I agree is a little on the small side. I suppose that $20-$22 is more standard here but that's a minor detail to me. Just as long as you have a standard size, and are not tailoring your c bet sizing per your hand strength vs regs.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #13 - Thank you sir :) I'm glad that you're pleased with the session review
  • YourDoomPoker


    #14 - Mentioned above in #22
  • YourDoomPoker


    #17 - True, but you'll get into a lot less trouble w 77 than you will with KTs. What you're saying all sounds great on paper, but in the heat of the moment you will make more mistakes w the KTs and end up getting stacked by his premium range when you do hit a pr more often. But sure, sometimes you'll hit a K vs his JJ and win at showdown, etc, etc, there are pros and cons to every situation. But again, with KT, unless you hit 2pr, a str or a flush you're either going to win a small to medium pot or lose a big pot a good % of the time.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #18 - Yes, I will tighten up my SB flatting range if the BB is very squeezy.

    I do understand the mindset of what you are saying, I just happen to disagree with that philosophy and style.

    30 or less BB eff I recommend what you suggest, 3 betting with the top of your folding range. Bc in shallow stacked pots like that, any 1 pr is the nuts. But with 100BBs there are too many reverse implied odds to make that strategy +EV... imo.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #19 - :) Yep.
  • Lausbub7


    min 20: c/c turn would be the best play if you knew that he shoves the river blindly?
    i m not a NL player but that used to be my standard play, now that I am transitioning to NL, could you elaborate why c/r is better, besides that we don't know his river tendencies? or if we knew them?
  • Lausbub7


    ok u mentioned that later that c/c with weaker ace is good, but whats the difference with AJ vs A2?
  • lewish


    Hey Ryan, with the AJo hand bvb do you think clicking it back on the flop is good?

    Also, how do you proceed on a turn spade?
  • vegetto313


    JSFan's weird Stacksizes are tilting me :)
  • terrorfans


    99 fold perflop :)
  • MatejM47


    The 99 hand. What's your prefered line on the turn once you flat the flop and he checks to you on a brick like 5s.

    I find that they check/shove on me a lot in that spot and when i check back i have to deal with overcard on the river half the time.
  • ManYac


    Hey Ryan, first of all big props for this video and all the series.

    I would like to ask about the spot with AJo in bvb battle. I think that with aggro dynamic on the river for this guy we can call turn and call river. But the main question is why You prefer to check/ship with this hand and check/call and check/call with lower aces on the river ? I don’t see the difference between this two hands in this spot.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #34-#35 - I find it very unlikely that he's on total air and will bluff shove the river. Even if he has a weaker ace, there's no reason to give him the option to x back the river with any kind of showdown value.

    I don't mind a xC on this turn if the board is very dry.

    There is a big difference if he has A2,A3,A6,A7,A9,AT,AJ all of which are in his range.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #36. Well it's good only if you think it's likely to induce re-bluffs with his bluffing range, but it's not so good if he has anything at all.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #39. Good question. If you're worried about a xShove on the turn, def check back. If he does have 2 overs, then he is only about 14% to hit on the river. And you have position.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #40. Thanks! See #41
  • RandomGenerator


    Hey Ryan, in the AA hand, why don't you even consider the possibility that you are behind when the fish raises?

    I mean you don't have any notes regarding his aggressiveness, right? What would you do if you knew that the fish is very passive? Still push vs his raise?
  • YourDoomPoker


    #45. I can't imagine any scenario that I'd be folding AA in a 3 bet pot, this deep, after playing it this passively vs any 50 VPIP fish on a J65r flop.

    Think about how favorable all 6 of those details I just listed are.

    Even if he is very passive, I think it's more likely he has a Jack,QQ,KK than something that beats us.
  • Firestrike


    last hand 99: first of all; how can you claim that theres almost no difference between 22 and 99. wtf? its 4 handed and people will even push hands like 77 and 88, in my opinion even a 7% 3better. also u flip against hands like 67s and stuff. so i think there is a big difference. if villain was a bit looser (say like 10% 3bet) i would probably 4bet/call here and expect to be good about 45% and have very much fe.
    i also kinda like the raise on the flop. i expect villain also to push any pocket pair because there are so many bad cards for him and we could easily have a bluff. additionally if he folds too much hero can minraise freuqently and its very much +ev (for sure it might be a bit better to take hands like KQ as u say it). i also dont always see him pushing his premium hands.
    also i dont understand why u would play call flop and then call turn on a blank. i almost NEVER see people to barrell with overs in a 3b pot when the board is like 8443. im more in client to call if an Ace comes...
  • Firestrike


    eh sry: u dont flip against 67s of course^^
  • Firestrike


    ah and i forgot to add a few things: 99 again. look at his from his perspectiv. what to we represent? we never have an overpair except 99 and sometimes(but i guess quite rarely) TT. same with AcKc and AcQc is also discountable. why should we raise A4s? why should we raise 88? so we very very rarely have any value hand therefore i can imagine that he very often will push AK or AQ...we rep. NOTHING