Hitman Userreview - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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Bogdan makes an analysis of the session played by our community member "Hitman" for the purpose of discussion and to give points for improvement of heroes game. We really hope you enjoy the video & leave feedback or comments for BogdanPS!


Bankroll Building Beginner brm postflop preflop series sixtabling User Session Review

Comments (17)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the review with Hitman as Bogdan analyses the spots encountered and the lines chosen!

    Please leave any feedback you have for the gentlemen below!
  • Pablo1337


    nice tilt chat top left table :D
  • Zzluka


    вот это качество картинки, не то, что некоторые
  • 47Hitman47


    Great comments, ty
  • luizsilveira


    Ok video but way too much table overlap...
  • bubababu


    Very good explanations, nice video!
  • Farmarchist


    41:00 Why should you cbet QQ there? I know it's an easy cbet if you play only vs that 'regular'. But if you see the ranges from te reg and the fish together I think one of them hit the ace a lot of the time... Espacialy the fish who normally likes playing Ax
  • BogdanPS


    @7: What other hands do they have in their range? How do you play the hand if you just check?
  • Farmarchist


    Well the LAG probably calls us with:
    JJ-22,AQs-A9s,KJs+,QTs+,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,AQo-ATo,KQo. What do you think of this range?

    The fish calls probably with:
    JJ-22,AQs-A2s,K7s+,Q8s+,J8s+,T8s+,97s+,86s+,76s,65s,54s,AQo-A2o,K8o+,Q9o+,J9o+,T9o. That's a lot. And maybe he calls even more since he is a huge fish, maybe even all his suited hands?

    Your cbet needs to work about 40% I think? And because you still win from some calling hands maybe 35%. So they need to fold each about 59% of the time because 0.59*0.59=0.35.

    Because they both have many aces in their callingrange preflop I think they are not folding 59% of the time.

    So my plan should be ch/f because I don't expect a bet 3way to lose and you are going to play oop for the turn and river (and maybe can expect more bets).


    I know I may be totally wrong but I hope I can learn from it if so
  • DecMate


    Thanks for the video bogdan, i'd like to make one for you to review sometime! If this would be possible please get in touch. Thanks again.
  • RandomGenerator


    Hi Bogdan, on 23:30 with AQ hand. How about check/folding this flop?

    Since he is a big floater, he will pay us when we will have an overpair or better.
  • BogdanPS


    @9: The reg is caught inbetween us and the fish so I think he will fold a lot (not an A or a draw but the rest). The fish has such a wide rangee that we can still get value from draws (flush, 78, gutshots, 9x, TT, JJ, etc.) and he also folds a fair amount.

    I suggest you use pokerqequilab and put all 3 ranges and the flop texture and then look at both the fish and the reg to see how often they actually have the Ax (out of all their range). To see that run the equity and then click on the yellow /red/green circle next to their equity.

    @10: Add me to the friends list and we can talk on Skype.

    @11: I think ck/folding would be a bit weak because we still have a showdownable hand and 2 overcards.
    I can see us ck/folding weaker holdings, that have even less equity or showdown value.
    We still beat a lot of his holdings. Since we assume he is a big floater we can play the turn a bit differently based on what comes down: - give up some low cards, or ck/call to keep in his worse floats in or even sometimes ck/raise if he bets a lot IP w/ cked to.
    - barrel the high cards for value or semi-bluff.
  • RandomGenerator


    38:50, QQ hand.
    Bogdan, can you please explain why do you think we can valuebet A-high board with QQ?
  • BogdanPS


    @13: I did above, please read the response to @9. I also explained in the video.

    We can valuebet against draws (flush, osed, gutshots) and against 2nd pair type hands (9x, TT, JJ) against the fish. The reg will also call a lot of draws.

    Because the reg is caught inbetween the fish and us he is in a spot where he will almost always play fit/fold.
  • DerEismann


    Where can I get that PT3 layout? Seems pretty cool.
  • fortunewheel


    why does he bet so big with AQ on a dry rainbow T66 board vs a reg that only folds 43% to Cbets? Isn't it better to Cbet an amount which correlates to the boardtexture? Seems kind of spewy , your inflating a pot with A high while you might have the best hand.
  • fortunewheel


    Min 37. U suggest to 3bet KQo in the BB vs UTG open raising range of 9%. Technically it was a squeeze since the button called and is probably not that strong. Anyways if you are hoping to generate immediate profit this is bad advice. If he opens 9% and continues with TT+,AQo+ and AQs + . That's 4.5%. SO you are only making him fold 50% of his range. WHich isn't enough by far to make it profitable unless you totally own him postflop but even then he might not fold because he might be a weak reg that won't fold big cards. On top of that you might have serious reversed implied odds if he just calls preflop with AK,AQ