The Bubble Factor - Theory - Part 3

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In this video, Braminc offers his thoughts on the theory behind the bubble factor, and provides us with some epic strategy advice where FishermansFriend has also given his valued input to determine some bubble factors of various tournaments.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part of the latest series from Braminc where a very important concept is explained!

    Leave any questions about the Bubble factor for Braminc to answer.
  • pokerjan


    At 11:00 i would have given the BB a bigger Calling Range. Am i wrong here?

    If you just push the Nash Range, which is 32,1 % he could call 26,7 %?,0.3&s1=2586&s2=2276&s3=2710&s4=1128&s5=&s6=&s7=&s8=&s9=

    (I guess i made a mistake here like i do very often, but i dont find it).
  • pokerjan


    Ok, you said he could be looser, but you dont see this very often.
  • braminc


    Nash ranges will almost never lead you to a max EV play. Why don't we just plug in ranges that people actually have and profit much more?
  • pokerjan


    Ty for the Vid.

    Its not about max ev there i think. I just meen, if you push more lose than Nash, you should at least expect, to be called as wide as nash says.
    But i got it, you said the Opponents just dont do it. (I would call there much wider if a reg with a high ATS pushes into me, thats why i put it into Nash calc, but i dont play STSNG)

    One more thing, you should expand your
    rec window a bit to the buttom, i was not able to see the hole chart.

    Are you shure the Moneybubble is always higher than some itm Bubble?
    Or did i missunderstood.
  • FishermansFriend


    Nice vid, thanks for the kind words ;)
  • pokerjan


    at 38:39 the ante is missing.
    I dont know if that will change anything.
  • braminc


    What do you mean to expand the rec window? I didn't understand..

    In all the cases ive seen the moneybubble is higher than the itm bubbles... I suppose it's possible for this to not be the case at some point in a weird structure, but not that i know of (perhaps in step sngs?)

    There are no antes cause it's from an old FTP 45man. Different structure :/
  • pokerjan


    Thx for your help.

    Sry, my english sucks.
    No Time to refere to the BF now.
    I will do that later.

    About the window: if i am the only one who could not see the whole chart(the bottom part), it obv. has been my fault.
  • Kamikaze001


    Absolutely awesome video!
    Made me think a lot about some of my plays, especially the 3way-allin-spot with the QQ+ Caling Range oO
  • ACi0coiu


    is the graph at 4:00 posted somewhere? Tx
  • mktpppr


    this series is nuts, im thinking of changing from STT to MT SNG's and this realy opened my eyes