Pot Limit Omaha - Insyder19 Highstakes review

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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Insyder19 makes a session review of his play while sitting at four-tables of Pot-Limit Omaha over at PokerStars


PokerStars Session Review

Comments (17)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the highstakes review with insyder19 at the PLO $1k tables over at stars!

    Leave any questions / comments / feedback for the coach below.
  • Lippi93


    nice one
  • Anssi


    At 15min with AQQ8s opp cbets A32r board and you flat. What would you do on the flop with 22/33xx?
  • insyder19



    Call when he barrels a lot, raise when he checks lots of turns. When there is a flushdraw i jam for sure. I would raise A78, even rainbow every time with a set/two pair/draw.
  • TurnitAce


    letting me see this 4 minutes make me feel even worse....
  • vincentkel


    @5 +1
  • Najs2009


    min 10:02 you auto fold QQTxs from CO, is that a standard fold unless you are up against tight buttons?
  • insyder19



    folded it because BTN is gonna call a bunch and will be difficult to outplay him postflop, also have 3 hearts in my hand. Will play QQT7
  • Najs2009


    min: 37:45 you fold 6553s oTB. Standard fold? You opened T543o oTB table 4 a few minutes ago
  • Najs2009


    also I think you openraised A632ds from utg (or mp1?) but folded JT84ds from utg.

    I fold both hands but rather would open the 2nd hand because I have a) FE on Axx boards and b) hand no2 flops sometimes ok never really really good but hand no1 never flops anything. Am I biased and A632ds is better or was it just mp1 vs utg?

    thx for replying so far :)
  • chenny8888


    you are playing against new zealand's "best" PLO player! C-Driver-DIR!
  • insyder19


    @ Naijs,

    A632ds is def a fold UTG, I used to overrate this hand, would play A654ds though. I would def NOT play JT84ds from UTG.

    I should be rather opening 6553ds than T543o from the BTN, probably wasnt paying attention. As I said in previous videos, it is very easy to randomly open very bad hands which look similar or close to the hands you really wanna play. Therefore very easy to make huge mistakes in PLO without noticing.

    Overall I am trying to tighten up from the BTN, not opening close to 90% anymore because people 3bet with better frequencies and also they pot the turn in 3bet pots much more, you can't just open every hand otb and call given you have position, anymore (think I talked about this in a video).
  • tinobi


    just a quick note on ur statemen in min 50%..."2 BDFD´s = 10% additional equity"...

    I rarly get more then 5% f.e.:

    flop: ad7c5s
    hero: askcjs3c or akj3r
    villain: 20%!10%

    Difference: 4% equity if money goes in...
  • Najs2009


    Thx man!
    I like your 3bet with AK54ds, what be the bottom end of these type of hands bu vs ep?
    Do you 3bet:

    I think you gain a lot of value by the K high flush potential, so I would probably 3bet A5ssQ4dd but fold AQss54dd and A5ddJ4ss.

    Is that too tight?


    Hi , Spot from the end about 35
    :00 (not sure cannot check again) I just ask about spot with AT32 ds U opened button which is standard but call a 3bet? , when flop JJT with your nuts FD is easy stackoff but is it not fold to 3bet on 50bb eff stacks? your hand didnt catch well



    38:00 start of a hand
  • insyder19



    stacksizes when 3betting UTG or MP depend, if hes short like 30-50bb I will 3bet wider than 100bb. If hes deep I will 3bet wider than if hes 100bb stacked. Also depends on who is UTG/MP, if hes a nit or not, if I have a huge edge on him or not.

    Your hands assuming 100bb: Not 3betting any of those, the last one is the closest but still way too disconnected. I won't 3bet any of those hands in any spot unless vs a fish or shortstack. Huge diff between AK45ds and AK72ds.

    Oh yea, we can 3bet A5ssQ4dd but its not included in the List :)

    #15 NO WAY we are folding this hand to a 3bet, MAYBE fold it vs a super super tight player.