Advanced SSS: Pre-flop Equity

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Equity preflop Starting hand chart Theory Video

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  • Solomaextra


    Great video!
  • MiddleMan


    Thanks, for this great video!
  • teslasecretweapon


    @27min about your graph-I understand that we might end up -EV becouse our oponent wont call/reraise our reraise if we are big stack(~40BB), but aren't our winnings greater if we have big (double) stack and if our opponent frequently calls/reraises all in our reraise (when we have very small FE), becouse we have some edge on him (to simplify- shouldnt that red line be above the green line in the begining of the graph, where our equity is pretty small)?
    Thanks for another great video, please make some more and as I said once before, you're our SSS guru :)

  • teslasecretweapon


    If I could propose subject of the next video(s):

    -isolation raises

    P.S. Could you post a link to equity chart that you use, I sow it somwhere some time ago , but can't find it at the moment
  • dieguin


    Very good xarry ;)
  • Syrtis


    so that means we fold Kings in the last hand?
  • xarry2


    @3: yes, very good point. The red line will definetely be higher when we have very little foldequity. The graphs are really very simple :) I didn't calculate them, I just wanted to point out that we have to be careful when reraising with marginal hands.

    @4: Hmm, I strangely thought about exactly these two topics :D

    you can also find the link in my coaching review.

    @6: wether we fold QQ or not depends on the range of our opponent. we need at least 40% equity in order to call. against KK+ its an easy fold. but against AK/JJ+ we have a call.
  • armo


    Excellent video
  • slikec


    Thx xarry2 for some really nice advices.

  • rsteph1


    Quelle bijou cette vidéo!!! A VOIR absolument par tous.
  • Blackfear


    Nice video , what soft do you use to simulate situation like in this video?I might try the same for a BS SH video ( but in french)
  • xarry2


    the software is called universal handreplayer.

    I just made a new skin with the PS table. you jsut have to replace the table.jpg and the seat.jpegs. you can take every table you want then.
    hf, I love the replayer :)
  • Blackfear


    Is there an easy way to create a fake hand for educational purpose or should modify an history file ( xml or txt ) to make a specific situation i want to discuss about? Thks in advance
  • xarry2


    I did it the long way. I edited the HHs manually in order to get the action I wanted. I don't know if there is a programm which makes this easier. maybe... I think its okay this way. If you find one please tell me :)
  • Blackfear


    I did it the same way : edited my HH and after a few hands ( and errors like forgetting to edit the number of player at the tables ..) it is fast enough so i will keep that way :)
  • Termi8r


    Great vid xarry2!
  • JJanke88


    one of the best video i have been ever seen
  • xxxdannyxxx


    it blocks when i watch it :(
  • mouse89


  • Atkin


    really good vid !!!
  • AnnabagR


    In your first hand U fold due to poor equity. In Equilator, you put your hand in position UTG vs a raise at UTG+1.
    Would the equity & decision have changed had U put your hand in it's proper place - MP1 ?
  • AssadKamran91


    great vid man!
  • extpan


    hello,nice video....which program can use to see PFR for exactly possition ?for example: utg-4%,mp3-9% etc.?tnx for answer!
  • ParentalAdvisory


    Nice video!
  • benedeklevi


    congratulations! One of the best vids i have ever seen!
  • xarry2


    @extpan: you can use the pokerstrategy elephant. It can display all important stats for the different positions.

  • grimreaper00


    Great basic vid!
  • gadget51


    Just getting into this stuff, superb info thank you! ;):)
  • gadget51


    By the way, wehre canI get that equity spreadsheet? I timed out using the equilator! lol
  • xarry2


    I posted the links in the first post of this thread (my coaching review thread). on page six you will also find some explanations to the calculators from the collection.

    best regards!
  • lessthanthreee


    excellent video xarry! i love the explanations of EV with relation to our opponents' hand ranges. AAA+++!
  • blackJ0


  • emotv


    thanx for video i am thinking of moving no limit first i need to learn about ss strategy. It is far different from limit. And this video is very interesting about mathematics of poker.
  • larsra


    Great video, poker really makes math fun :)
  • antonin87


    hi xarry2..this video was great!!!im not math person,even when i have it as a subject in uni, but this video finaly answered nearly all of my questions man about pod odds and calculating them. however i have one question: Im currently playing NL10 and there is not a high rake, so will it change the calculations drasticly??
    thx man
  • xarry2


    hi antonin!
    I think you will also have to take the rake into consideration on NL 10. even though it is just a few cents it is - relatively to your small stack - still changing some results. I would recommend that you try to find out how much is raked in a hand where you go all-in. if you know how much this is you can easily discount the amount when calculation pot odds.

    best regards,
  • imgttnurmny


    I have a question. When you have 55-45 equity against the open raiser, you still have people behind. Doesn't it reduce your equity, especially if you're holding AQo or 77? Thanks
  • xarry2


    you're absolutely right. the more opponents I have left to act the more equity-edge I need to make a profitable reraise. however I mostly evaluate this based on experience and don't have fixed numbers per player left to act which I add to the breakevenequity.
    but as long as you keep this into account and favor a fold in anyway close spots since you've got more opponents left to act you're on the right way.

    best regards,
  • eddiebaue427


    That's a great video where can i download that equity calculator
  • diutza


    very good video !
    I filled some gaps into my poker starting carrier
  • asmirovic


    Awesome video, cleared some things.
    THx a lot
  • djedaKPT


  • fishlock


    Great vidio, made it alot earier to start learning about equity
  • fortunewheel


    very nice video. 1 remark so far. The AK hand in the beginning. you showed us a range the villain could be holding. something like TT-AK , AQS+, AQo+. Against that range we were like 49% but with dead money involved ( the blinds) wouldn't the play be breaking even or even slightly profitable ( disregarding rake) ty
  • fortunewheel


    another remark : you are basically teaching people that opening ranges from villains depend on position which is absolutely correct BUT there's a difference between an opening range and a calling range. Meaning if we shove all in against their opening range their calling range might be alot different. Now it becomes a calculation on fold equity and the equity we got left when called, because a calling range will be tighter and therefore stronger.
  • fortunewheel


    WOW u made a massive maths error. when u were calculating the pot equity with the AQs hand and the effective equity we needed to be profitable. calculating the pot equity is very easy but u made a mistake by accident ( i'm sure u are the expert just pointing it out). pot equity calculation is based ont he following formula and i'll use the example with AQs in the video. bet/(bet+pot). now i'll fill out the numbers 80/(99+80)=0.44693. Ur actual equity = 44,693%. So basically i have no clue how u end up at 39% as a break even equity number. 44% is basically the % we need to break even NOT 39. If i am wrong please correct me. thnx
  • fortunewheel


    i see my problem now nevermind. My formula is used in different situations. IF you'd use my formula it would be different because you need the current pot number. But since we're always shoving all in it's different . the pot quantity is different lol my bad.
  • fortunewheel


    lol ok i think we got different number because u keep using different terms. U say pot odds but what u mean is pot equity which is a different concept. So now i am wondering if u meant pot odds or pot equity because that's why we have diffenret numbers
  • fortunewheel


    I got the solution lol. SO when he reraises we basically look at his bet like he is putting us all in so now time for the maths. we must call 64 to win a pot off 80+16+64 (what w e have left ( 64) to know how big the pot will be IF we call)-3 ( rake) = 165. now we divide the amount to call 64 by 165 and we get 0.387. X100= 38.7 %. I think our percentages slightly differ because you are using ratio's. Sorry for the inconvenience i wish i could delete the comments lol my bad
  • NikolaB85


    OMG best Video ever,i have never seen better video. Explained in details,the hard way is the way.
    But isn't just better to learn the hard way in our brain (learn how to calculate by our self) instead of using some calculators or programs ?

    Thank you Xarry2