Double or Nothing - Part 3

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In the third part of the double or nothing series from our longstanding German coach - Jaroz007, we discuss late stage plays made by Hero, a member from our community. We hope you enjoy the video & leave feedback and comments for Jaroz007


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Comments (13)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part from Jaroz on double or nothings!

    Please leave your questions below!
  • grinderm18


    which programm is that
  • grinderm18


    and where is double or nothing at pokerstars
  • osmium


    There are only 50/50 SNGs @ Pokerstars. The tool he is using is UniversalReplayer if I am not mistaken.
    I assume he plays at iPoker.
  • GrooveSolo


    In spanish please!
  • chaissa


    I think the restmoney after a push are the blinds.

    I enjoy your video and like your analyses with the SnG-Wizzard & Nash. It helps to understand the situations/ moves at the table.

    Thank you for the good job.
  • encani38


  • kudrix4332


    Thanks for video!
  • strannikspb


    Thank you very much! I think the best video about DONs.
  • GetARealJob


    just watched video i think video 1 is good thanks for that its very good for complete beginners too.

    I think video 2 is completely pointless as tbh you go over so many obvious spots over and over again that are no were near marginal.

    I like video 3 too. Just thought u should have mentioned that hero is calling too light and needs to loosen up to gain more equity.
  • Chromehead


    Thnaks, Very good video with some surprising push decisions.I will be reviewing some of mine, looks I'm too tight utg.Please do the 4th video you mentioned.
  • Jaroz007


    Thanks for the Feedback. I will do the last video probably next week, another review of late game descisions - especially play against other regulars. Hope it will be helpful!
  • xmiammiamx


    Thanks for the video! But I do have a question on some calling ranges:

    I don't understand the reasons that make our calling range in the ATo spot (@ 23:00) wider than our calling range in the AKo spot (@ 9:00).

    I would assume the shoving range of vilain in the AKo spot should be wider compared to the ATo spot, as he has to make something happens if he wants to get into the money, given that the 3rd place has twice his stack size at this point.

    Even giving vilain similar shoving ranges in the two spots, calling and losing in the AKo spot doesn't hurt our fold equity, so we can "gamble" more; whereas losing in the ATo spot would be terrible.

    These two arguments refers to what will happens in the future, which is something ICM models doesn't take into account.

    From my understanding, I would have snap-called the AKo, and for the ATo... I would have thought really hard... :-)