A Big Hand Review by Mr. Little

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Enjoy the latest video from JonathanLittle, our MTT-expert, which deals with hands where Jonathan generally has a strong holding and is required to determine if it will suffice to continue the hand itself.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest video from JonathanLittle!

    Any questions & Feedback are welcomed!
  • CryingAce




    18:09 you are opening JTs not KQs xD but video is great!
  • bradomurder


    wow 1st hand and you taught yourself something! goes to show the importance of getting old pokerstove out every now and then
  • madein1984


    I like your explanations, but when doing calculations you do them without the dead money in the pot, so does get get a little inaccurate (e.g. 28:42 assuming that he always calls and motown always folds, we have to put in 12k and there's more than 3k dead money in the pot. we need approximately 44% to break even)
  • nosnbaer22


    last hand: if u were one of the big stacks behind u. what would be your shoving range. i mean those spots happen pretty often and i shove pretty wide there because i can isolate utg and can flip with your dead money in the pot with utg which givs me wonderful odds and i can get u folding better hands pretty often. i asume that utg would shove almost any pocket many suited broadways and maybe some suited aces. so i go ahead and ship like A9s+, 88+, Ato+ and many good broadways. its high variance though but i feel like people are folding even AQ in this spot and utg is imo way to loose most of the time. so i guess most of the time u can shove even wider if u sit at the button or in the blinds. would like to hear your thoughts about it
  • nosnbaer22


    i mean in your spot u don't have any other options because a small isoraise woudl commit u to a shove from one of the big stacks. my question is only relevant for big stacks in the blinds or late position.
  • Zolotarsp


    about last hand:

    yh, 99 are in good shape against utg shoving range, but u have 5 players behind u who can just wake up with a big hand and take ur money. Simple calculations - at least one of them will have top-5% range 1 out of 5 times. And, as #6 said, big stack behind u can isoshove some junkee hands and again take ur chips. U're risking 1/6 of ur stack, so why u don't consider folding at all?
  • endreKKKK


    hi jlittle!! first of all, congrats for all your videos!! nice stuff ;)

    i have one question, PS theory says for setmindning you need call20, and you call with your 77 to setmind with call10,
    i'd normally fold those 77, because you dont have call 20...am i doing wrong??
    how many BB you call to setmind??

    ty. and big up!
  • Rockthehouse


    i would like to know that too.
    do you give yourself more implied odds because you put villain on a tight range or do you discount the SB? or is it because there are two players involved?
    plus im not sure how to handle such hands in the BB, with more players involved or OOP. Please post some formulas because 15-20x the raise seems pretty inaccurate
  • JonathanLittle


    Nos, I wouldnt be pushing too much if I was a big stack behind me because I expect Jcardshark's range to be something like AQ+, 99+. I would call off with AK and JJ+ most of the time, with JJ being the only hand I may fold. So, I would be calling around half the time, which isnt enough to make a push profitable.

    In order to set mine, the number of blinds you have left isnt the only thing that matters. You also need to think about how often the raiser will stack off. You can call an early position raiser with less blinds behind because he will be more prone to stack off because his range is tighter. Also, 77 could win without making a set. Honestly, memorizing little rules you always stick to is not the way to become a big winner. You have to take each situation that comes along as a new situation that requires its own decision.