The Tournament Squeeze play

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11 - $55
  • Fullring
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In this video, Jonathanlittle goes into the topic: 'Squeeze play'. During this video, you will learn when and with which hands you could make this play.


bluff hand history review preflop squeezeplay

Comments (10)

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  • Dodozz


    Good job. I like the video
  • kusne


    i don't think the shove @28min is good. you said you'll shove with any stack under 5000, but these are still over 50 bb and especially in the lower limits you'll be called too often and will have most times only a flip which is really bad with this stack
  • Santiniii


    Very good video. Please make more Videos, all your videos show really nice MTT content!
    Im also dont get the 77 push for 50bb. I dont know if its really worth risking 50bbs, because there is still enough room to play and i think u will get called there a lot. (in high limit MTTs as well as low limit MTTs
  • zaboo


    01:48 You marked JTs!!! WHYY???!!! :( I always wanna call JTs IP when deep

    36:23 but there is no ante, if this guy is reggish he would 3bet for bluff very rare or even never, wouldn't he?

    P.S.: Did you change account or poker room? Or you haven't play online in 2012 yet?
  • DomBusiness


    more videos please
  • tatisan


    Nice video. Keep them comming. :)
  • Fabian0011


    Nice Vid, thanks.
  • DannyJQ


    Great video, thanks!
  • abcde23


    actionally it were 65BB. Way to big for shoving imo.
    20:24 u haven`t mensioned that openraise was up to 4BB. I`m really often seeing good hands/monsters played with such a raisesize. I dont think that u can push 98o here until u know that he raises his whole range to this size and his range being relatively loose.
  • Promethee918


    Nice video!

    At 20:24, it's 3BB, not 4, abcde23.

    I agree with kusne too, especially because odds are already good for a set, and implied odds are huge, everybody is really deep.