A Little buy-in - Part 2

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JonathanLittle reviews a hand history from our community member "Kaitz20", who ended up heads-up with a Gold member in the largest tournament PokerStars has held to date. Enjoy the second part from where the first part ended.


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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the video and let Jonathan know what you think about the video!
  • burak220


    Great and informational video, Where can I find more videos from this person?
  • Laci24


    Hi Jonathan
    This is really good and interesting video! Thx!

    @burak: example: http://hu.pokerstrategy.com/video/7901/
  • Kaitz20


    Thanks for comments.
  • PhantomR32


    I don't really understand your train of thought with the 9s4d 4 handed. This to me is the perfect example where you would check it down to increase the chances of eliminating the shorty... Why do you advise on raising sokoluk out of the hand?
  • Gouzigouzi


    omg fish calling with J10s and Qjs...
  • ipeaceonu


    @5.00 the call the 2 samll all ins with T9s, I have noticed a lot lately that weaker players don't understand the value of suited connectors. They have heard they are good hands to play but don't know when that statement is correct.
  • myCQRE


    omg first 5 minutes r enough 4 me
  • benaars


    Hi! Great video, but I have probably a pretty silly question. Sometimes in the video you say, OK now you have to win approx. 36% of the time to be break even,(or 35 or whatever) How do you know that?
  • JonathanLittle


    With the 94, it isnt that big of a deal if the short stack survives as it lets you continue to push players around because neither will want to go broke before the short stack.

    I for sure dont like the T9s call.

    As for how often you need to win, you figure out how much is in the pot and how often you need to call. So, if there is 500 in the pot and my opponent bets 500, I have to win 33% of the time or more to make the call. Google "pot odds" if that doesnt explain it well enough.
  • CAZcadeur


    horrible - solid content again, pls
  • ILuvBeachVB


    Great discussion throughout, Jonathan. Listening to you talk through a whole tournament is a nice complement to your book, which I just read. Looking forward to Volume 2 as well!
  • sonnn4


    Only explanation for play like that seems pitch black drunk.
  • Iceeven


  • ramadas


    Is this Jonathan Little this one from below link? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Little
  • Karlsquell007


    Jonathan u said several time during the Video, that u have a little problem with greater stacks during the late game, causing u to at least missclick once a FT.

    I mean u are almost sure aware of the programm tableninja, but may be not aware of a little feature it has. It is able to display chipcounts in BB which would help your problem.