Side By Side Full Ring

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16 - $105
  • Fullring
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In the latest production from faarcyde, we are launching a new series where he plays two tables of different stakes side-by-side to compare the differences.


ICM Live Video push or fold series thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest production from faarcyde kicking-off a new series where comparisons are made in playing different stakes side by side - the first part brings the Fullring edition, and stay tuned for more Videos of this style!

    We look forward to hearing your Feedback about the format and faarcyde!
  • Tim64


    'cjbirdle'. Nice ;) Unbridled spoonerism.
  • etnogvozd


    nice video mr faarcyde! gogo for the live one!!
  • Tim64


    4:37 JJ vs utg oR. I'll stand corrected by <3 or others, but I think even at a $15 game, 3b getting it in JJ vs utg oR (vs unkown) will not be profitable. 3betting here looks so strong that 99/TT will fold and we end up flipping/crushed. Postflop, if the big bet indicates strength, I guess all the more reason to ch/R?
  • lessthanthreee


    45:50 - KQs . i would just merge 100% of my range into a MR/call or MR/fold situation and adjust depending on the reg in the BB. i dont like taking MR lines with X% of my range then taking 12-14bb shoves with X% of my range vs regs because its obv hard to balance. KQs would be in my inducing range vs myself.
  • crerosu


    faarcyde, you are the best! Tx
  • madshakes


    36:48 left table, 57o on the button - why didn't you pwn the bubble and shove?
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: Well, that is pretty much what I argument was with him raising 4x sets off red flags he is almost guaranteed to be a poor player and therefore will have a wider get-it-in-range that will make a JJ 3-bet worth it.

    @LTT: Interesting, in retrospect I definitely prefer m/r calling versus you.

    @Madshakes: Nice catch, should have gone for it.
  • fcpiter


    My shove 67o was bad))) gg faarcyde. next time hope on HU ))))))
  • EverSteel


    hey faarcyde,

    some qs from the Russians if you might :)

    11:06 why min openraise?
    32:36 do we stack off with AK on any board?
    53:00 you say you'd call a shove from SB against an equal stack with A8 (just because he's our direct opponent?), but you fold to a shove from the chipleader with a wider range! in case we lose we bust in both cases. Isnt it better to fold and openpush from SB or from UTG into BB?

    Does your strategy change significantly on turbos compared to reg-speeds?
  • smeagolss


    Last hand on the left table. Nash suggests pushing 62o for 1.5BB so there can't be any reason whatsoever to limp call for 2.7BB. Why not just give it up here and get it in on the next hand where we expect to have 50% equity in 4.5BB pot (~2.25BB) instead of 30% in a 5.5BB (~1.65BB)?
  • a55a5in4ever


    Hey faarcyde nice Vid. I would be interested in your Pop Up set up for players with greater numbr of hands on what stats do u use.