Pre-flop Heads-up Ranges

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50 - $100
  • Heads-up
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AngleZero takes us through his Heads-up ranges and discussed guidelines to follow pre-flop for maximum effectiveness


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest production from AngleZero which gives us a valuable insight into the basics of pre-flop heads-up and some guidelines to be aware of.

    We hope you leave some Feedback & thoughts about the Video for the coach!
  • CryingAce


  • kushrenchik


    Перевод планируется?
  • grrgrrbla


    very nice video, would love a video on callingfrequencies/ranges vs vertain villains/barrelingranges, the same for barrelranges , and the same for checkraise-ranges on each street :D , one of these would be awesome
  • flober


    In Russian it is planned?
  • elpsycho


    #4, #6 да, перевод скоро будет
  • Lukasz40i4


    Nice vid dude!
  • pablomarijuan


    Very nice video, i was waiting for something like tihis¡¡
  • Kleinferd


    Really nice content, more heads-up in general would be nice.
    However, what annoyed me quite a bit while watching were these little silences during your explanations which occurred a ton. They kinda destroyed the flow of the video for me.
    Other than that, great video.
  • blom90


    Nice video! Is it possible to download the hand ranges? :)
  • Dodozz


    ^It is not possible, you can just take a screenshots

    @video, I really like it
    Good job!
  • iambanker


    #11 +1, i would rly appraciate if ranges were available to download
  • TurnitAce


    Is it possible to get a second part? like C beting which hands on which boards vs opponents etc.
    Or some live play, that would be the nuts
    Great video
  • AngleZero


    #10 English is not my native language so I stumble with the talking some, but I'll try to focus more on that for future videos.
  • marii900


    Super good video! I've got a few questions:

    1. Your 3bet calling range is very tight, combined w/ 4betting range your 3bet folding range is more than 80% which is super exploitable and any opponent with a HUD will notice that very quickly. I underastand u will then adapt by expanding your calling range ?

    2. Which brings me to my second question, how would you construct a 3bet calling range vs someone whose 3betting range is somewhat similiar to your 3 bet standard range from video but maybe a little bit wider like around 18% - 20% ?

    Should we just add next best value hands ? like KTo QTo Jto, K9s etc. ?

    I would love to see u playing live session :)

  • RocknRollAd


    Hello AngleZero,

    I want to thank you for this amazing video! I really used it as a guideline! (and watched it many times :) )
    I hope that you will make a new video soon, it was very very helpfull!!!

    Thanks in advance.
  • pLAYERsjsk


    thanks.. nice vid.. hope this will help me to beat my roommate in HU CG and win propbet of not cleaning dishes!!!
  • pLAYERsjsk


    yes. with this charts i ve been able to beat my roommate.. THATS AWESOME!! Thanks man, you saved my life..

    now i dont have to do the dishes!!!
  • acediow


    What is CB-F and BTvMC in the HUD? And if possible, Which the stats that you use?
  • AngleZero


    1. As I tried to emphasize in the video, these are obviously not my ranges against every player in every dynamic. These are just to have some kind of solid game plan/understanding of pre flop play in the beginning of HU matches. Expanding calling range is one of the things to do if your opponent is super 3bet happy. Also tightening your button open range is key.

    2. If your opponents 3b range is polarized (e.g. AQ+,TT+ combinded with J3s type of hands) 4betting a very wide range becomes a great play, since your opponent will only have a small portion of his range to fight back with. Against a wide balanced range the best adjustment is just tightening button opens and calling hands like KJs T9s, AQs, KQo. It all depends on so many things like how much your opponent cbets in 3bet pots, how much he folds to flop raises, gives up on turns etc. Always try to understand your opponents tendencies and figure out ways to exploit them. There are no golden rules to success.

    Glad to hear that! Hope you do well elsewhere too.

    CB-F stands for Cbet-fold, how much an opponent cbets the flop and folds to a raise.
    BTvMC stands for bet turn v missed cbet, how of then one stabs after hero shows weakness as PFR.
    I try to keep only the useful stats so my HUD wont get too crowded.
  • elpsycho


    Hi AngleZero,
    What range should we have for raising limps when our opponent is limp/calling almost every time?
    And is there a point in making a bigger raise from sb, when it doesn't affect our opponent's calling range? Or maybe making a bigger raise with strong hands after a limp?
  • AngleZero


    #22 I think you can raise quite wide a range against a wide limping raise, especially if villain raises most of their good hands. K6s+ Q8s+ J8s+, A8o+ all pairs etc depending on your opponents post flop tendencies a bit.

    Raising bigger against a very loose passive low-level-thinking opponent is good as long as youre doing it with hands that are ahead of bbs calling range. In general you want to play a lot of pots IP and raise the same size with all of your range. I think the vast majority of people will catch up if you 5x AK and minraise 98s.
  • mktpppr


    nice vid, thx AngleZero, more vids pls
  • DrDunne


    at 11:58 you explain about 3betting the best hands that you fold. i understand your suited 3betting range, but i'm a little unclear as to why you favour J8, J7, T7, 97, 96, 86 and 76 instead of K8, K7, A6 and A5 for card removal and maybe the top offsuited connectors that are too weak to call. could you explain this please?
  • AngleZero


    #25 At the time of making this I felt that hands like K7 and A5 had too much reverse implied odds to be 3betting since a lot of opponents calling range has these hands dominated. Now it's kind of proven to be a faulty thought process and would probably change a few other things in this video too. Remember these are not absolute truths as are no other poker videos in my opinion. Just a solidish starting point into understanding HU preflop play.
  • misspookie


    thats very nitty yo ucan call with qj and kT pre to 3b imo unless hes under like 10%
  • misspookie


    Whats your calling range vs a min 3b?