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This piece from Byron brings us through some usual spots he encountered personally - to remain insightful into our game while straying from the norm - and remaining profitable in spots which seem strange or unorthodox to us at first glance.


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  • EuanM


    Byron takes us through some unusual hands & spots so we can remain profitable in unorthodox contexts - have fun with the Video and don't forget to leave your thoughts & comments for Byron!
  • DonTabamsey


    min 17 ajo: i follow your logic till the river, but i think it is clear fold there, because there is 0 chance that workman has a worse hand\ you have the absolute bottom of your range

    min 35 t6s: when you are not even 3-betting the ten high flush, i am not sure why it is a bad play for him to raise ak with k hearts / sets / two pair hands for free showdown

    having said that, maybe c/c turn, donk river on a blank could be a good line with your hand
  • YohanN7


    Question about the free showdown raise (e.g 88 hand): How do you define the concept? I have seen a sensible definition where one raises with the intention of not putting in more chips unless the river is tasty. [The rationale would be some fold equity + an extra bet if we suck out and status quo if we are marginally better or worse.]

  • ByronJacobs


    #2 min 17: Yes - agreed. Pretty clear fold. The call is bad.
    #2 min 35: not keen on c/c turn line - he can c/b AK with Kh. I think my line is ok here.
    #3 good question! I don't know if I have a clear personal definition for a free showdown raise - or if there is a generally accepted one. To my mind - it is exactly what is represented in this hand: a marginal made hand that raises the turn to extract the maximum from the drawing parts of the villain's range.
  • YohanN7


    #4 Yes, that's a sensible definition too. "Defense against a the semibluff" is another term one could use for the same play.

    The possible definitions (in #3 & #4) differ considerably when it comes to how many bets may go into the pot eventually but the EV probably differs marginally. [I glanced through the FL gold articles, but couldn't find anything there on the terminology.]

    Great video by the way. I simply had to review the AJ hand. If you ever fear that the viewers get bored, then throw in a dead mouse or two;)

  • MyLady17


    I watched this Video for 14 Minutes and i really had to stop. I normally like your Videos very much but this one is definitly your worst one.

    The ATo Hand: When you check/raise ATo here, what are you going to play check/call? I consider you defend 100% of your Range passivly. You have a lot of stuff you can check/raise here, every pocketpair, 9x and some random Bluffs.

    That kind of Boards don´t hit your opponents Range really bad and on the Turn, on a Blank your oppents Range will devide in a part that will fold (that you have beat) and hands thats will raise/call (most of them have got you beat). Only a few Ax Combos may call down here.

    This Play may be good against someone you goes crazy with rebluffs, but without reads this c/r isn´t good.

    The 88 Hand: If Villain is on a Draw and doesn´t check on the River, why u don´t let him barrel? you are in Position and lose 0,5BB by 3betting the Flop. Better Hands may Cap and you lose more against that Hands.

    For me it seems you try to justify some bad plays as "unusual".

    Don´t take it personally, i watch all your Videos because they are great, but this one isnt :/
  • ByronJacobs


    Hi MyLady17. Sorry you don’t like the video but pleased that you like my previous ones. Let's hope you like the future ones!

    ATo hand: The purpose of the flop c/r is purely to misrepresent my range against a decent, thinking villain. I’m not interested in balancing (which is generally overrated anyway IMO) and I’m not interested in what my c/c range is. It’s a very opponent-specific play. I don’t really represent anything with the c/r and because of this I expect him to call down very wide. If I play c/c on the flop and he has a showdown hand which is slightly weaker than mine (and this is clearly a BIG part of his range), e.g. A-3, then the play on the turn and river is very likely check-check twice. In that case I win 0.5BB post-flop. When I c/r the flop this often becomes 3BB – a massive increase. Of course A-3 isn’t his only hand, but he has a button open range and there is a ton of A-x, K-x, even Q-J, Q-T which is likely to call down against my range which looks like it has a lot of air in it. If I was the villain here I would call down pretty wide whereas after c/c on the flop I am playing check behind virtually always on the turn.

    88 hand: Three-betting the flop is ok I think - I don’t have a problem with that line. However, I am fine with my turn raise here on a non-diamond. I think his range is pretty tight to Qx, low pairs, flush draws and some spew but not a lot. The big point is I don’t think he is 3 barrelling air and busted draws (what hand can I have that calls the turn and folds on the river? Hard to think of much.). Sure it’s exploitable but what can he 3-bet here that I am ahead of? 6d-5d maybe. I think I will miss value from busted draws – I think he will c/f the river a lot.
  • MyLady17


    Okay, i have to admit i skipped the Key-Points. Next time i won´t, i´m sorry.
  • ByronJacobs


    #8 No problem - always good to get feedback. Actually I cannot be completely sure that the lines I take in some spots in this video are necessarily the most +EV. However, I am just trying to present some slightly different perspectives rather than looking for "standard" lines the whole time.
  • datsmahname


    RE: 88 in BVB.

    theres one more reason to 3-bet often here. when the blind structure is 1/1.5 he's going to steal much wider. our typical 3-bet range has a lot more equity. At some point its better to exploit that rather than mixing things up.
  • datsmahname


    AJ hand is funny.

    I think our turn raise looks exactly like a draw so its a great spot for villain re-steal... but you have so much equity that we don't need too many reasons for spewing to be a good option.
  • datsmahname


    re: J9, delay river raise trips.

    one extra bonus is that he can miss value 3-bets with some better hands.

    sometimes this delay means he won't overplay some worse hands which will miss us value...

    so there's gotta be some relationship between how likely our opponent is to 3-bet worse hands on the turn and better hands on the river.
  • datsmahname


    re T6hh turned flush.

    JT also hit on the turn. that 8h is one of the worst cards for his range of made hands.
  • YohanN7


    Hey Byron!

    I like the concept of this video because it's really focusing on playing the metagame of poker. This means a metric tonne in heads up play.

    Whishlist: Make a couple more heads up videos, with or without dead mice.