SNG $55 User Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $55
  • Fullring
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User Session Review

Comments (18)

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  • jmackenzie


    Wow what a luckbox.
    Nice review unam
  • ethanrox


    great, great video ;)
  • slikec


    Omg why i don't have at least 50% of his luck :D
  • ChildinTime


    No luck this is skill
    By the way really nice Video
    Thx Un4m
  • cohkka


    isn't the raise to 240 with pocket a's a little too high and scares the villains away too much? thought you gonna mention that. 160 is enough i think with this monster and he has position. (maybe even 140 or sth as one time move to suck one into the pot if there is no history)

    nice comeback by hero - nice video by you.
  • Unam


    @5 you are right, but it isn't a big mistake, cause if he thinks villain only holds pockets here, then he doesn't want to see a flop with villain, cause he would either have to fold his AA or he villain would be getting the implied odds to call.
    I think cause hero is a Cash player he is used to bigger preflop raises and used them automatically, but you are right, he should use a 3BB+1BB or 4BB+1BB raise.

    @ all
    thanks, I am glad that you like the videos and I will try to do my best not to change that in the future
  • frzl


    at 12:30 min:
    84o fi in the SB ? isn´t this an any two push ? i mean: yes, he called us 2 times in a row but he had quite good hands and we showed down 2 solid hands as well... do you really think that he is going to call us with more than 14% ?

    awesome comeback :)
    nice vid. thx unam

  • flocen


    luck>>>skill obv
  • aciddrop


    In the HU, when hero folded J5, and you showed that it would be a push with, you said, 6BB or more according to Nash, which hero had. He actually had 8BB. Did you mean 6BB or less? If not, then you were correct that it should have been a push.

    Great review. As a cash player learning SNG, I need to see these end game plays, where any two cards can be correct, as this is not intuitive for someone used to cash games. Also, it is great when you see your opponents abusing you for correct play, as it indicates their lack of understanding, and increases the edge you have. Thanks.
  • Unam


    @7 you are right, even so I think it is close to what he will call us with, but it still should be +EV
  • Unam


    @ 9 you are totally right, that is wrong what I am telling you, you can push it up to 6BBs, if the other guy calls the Nash Equilibrium, but I have never seen them call that loose, so pushing J5 here is fine imho
  • Sergei6


    Blinds 300/600
    Hero: 4700
    MP3: 4260
    CO: 5020
    BU: 820
    BB: 4600


    Preflop: Hero is UTG with TsQs
    You advice to push in one of the electron tests on the pokerstrategy. Can you write in details calculations +EV in case above, please.

  • mouse89


  • feinherb


    Verry nice video.educational.

    Lol 35 chips and still win!!!
    Thank you for making this video.
  • jimmy99x


    im not sure that its skill . pure luck
  • gismo75un


    pure luck
  • NIKAN7777


    да, видос впечетляет, подробно рассказано, показано, жесть!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Apenshin


    Nice one. Loved the session, well presented and look forward to seeing more soon.