Europoker User Review with Arigold & BogdanPS - Part 1

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Community member Arigold donates his recording to BogdanPS for review - Bogdan goes through the whole recording offering his thoughts about the plays made, in an attempt to promote discussion. Stay tuned for Part 2 where the user review will continue!


sixtabling User Session Review

Comments (15)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the europoker user review with Bogdan & Arigold!

    Feedback & Comments welcomed as always!
  • muel294


    execellent video, especially for someone who is transitioning from FR to SH really enjoyed that and looking forward to the next part
  • thcfugii


    voicceee! -_-
  • kacsa1st


    useful vid! thx!

    at 29:35 u missed to speak about AA on bottom middle table! isn't the riverbet a bit too small? i'd bet/fold 10-12 instead of 6!

    what's your opnion?

    waiting for the next part ;)
  • kacsa1st


    I mean if he had Kx he'd also call the bigger bet!
  • Farmarchist


    Hey Bogdan,

    Obviously liked your comment as always. And now the questions:

    1) K9 hand: Obvious std steal and I also make it 2.5x OTB for the reason you mentioned.
    Interesting part of this hand is obviously OTF. And I don’t rly agree with a raise.
    When the fish donks, yes I prefer the raise much better…
    When a reg donks on that board (when I do) he had or a vnh like a set, or a combodraw or somthng like the NFD. We really don’t do well against this. There is one reason to go further with the hand, his betsize (looks more like a draw than a set to me). So I would go with a call, if he keeps betting ott he has a set. Reg is just never bluffing. And when you raise you let him fold the weaker 9x.
    2) K9s table 1 on 15min: I would just fold K9 here, or 3bet when he folds to 3bet a lot (or when he folds a lot to cbets in 3b pots, but since he is IP he won’t fold that much). Problem with a call is 1) domination problem 2) we are oop so we can’t ever get money in easy when we hit too. Only reason we can call is when he folds a lot to ch/r
    3) 77-hand 17min: I would lead here immediately because I think the BTN wouldn’t lead without a draw/PP (think a won’t bluff). And the things that would lead he with, he is also going to call our donkbet with. I just expect many check behinds. As played I think the check/r is fine since he has many draws in his range and you want to let him pay OTF/OTT. When you play ch/c flop, turn will go ch/ch allot when he has a weak draw.
    4) 20 min: TT is std call imo. We even get good odds to setmine. And it plays pretty good IP
    5) KJ-hand on 27 mins: against which oppo’s is bluffcatching a good line and a bad line? I guess we can take the line ch/c x3 when you play vs agro. Thisone is passive so wouldn’t do it. Now it’s still a bluffcatch since he bets like that
    6) A6s min 47: rly won’t cbet here, we have no FE. We cant barrel on a heart OTT because we won’t have FE too. This board hit their range very good on top.
  • moeb1us


    what country does bogdan come from? his accent is very thick and I often had problems with his pronounciation...heavy stuff. eastern europe?
  • moeb1us


    and are there more opinions on the KJs hand upper right @27 min?

    yeah maybe we timed out and maybe his bets were weird in their sizing, but is this standard procedure?
    we are not even sure if the opponent saw us time out almost because he plays 5 tables etc?
    how do we look if he shows Ax? or Aces Up?
    what part of his perceived range are we beating?
    how many times do we have to be ahead to make the river call profitable?

    more comments on that particular hand would have been nice...
  • BogdanPS


    @4: Around 10 sounds about right..


    1) While I agree that a call could work as well I prefer a thin value raise here (and really my target is the fist and not the reg). And if the reg comes over the top I'm fine with folding my hand.

    2) Well, I agree that it's easier to fold or 3-bet. Calling is a bit trickier but against fit or fold players (like this guy appears to be) we should be able to pick up a bunch of dead money postflop. With more aggressive, no so predictable players this hand would be dangerous to play OOP. But as I mentioned I agree that 3-betting at this point would probably make our life a lot easier.

    3) This time I disagree with you. This board is very dry and we kill it. What hands (from BTN) call us here that would not bet? If the btn cks back he doesnt have a hand that he would call/raise our bet with anyway. I also prefer the ck/raise to try to build up the pot because we have only 3 BBs in there and we have roughly 100bb behind.

    4) I did say both fold and call are fine. However JUST set mining is rarely profitable in 3-bet pots. Just keep in mind that we need to call 7 BBs which means that you will lose roughly 50 BB when you don't hit a set (7/8 times) so the one time you hit you need to make at least 50 BB which cuts it close because we don't always get payed and we also pay off better hands as well. If you combine set mining with taking pots postflop, bluffcatching, etc then it's a different story.

    5) Well if you take that line you'd need some aggressive regs or people that may have bet sizing tells (like this one). This guy was unknown as far as I recall. You can also bluff catch like this against people that have seen you ck/call 2 streets and fold the third (if that even happened).

    6) It's not the best spot to cbet however I think that some of those players will call with way too many hands that can't withstand pressure. If you want to check and give up that's fine as well but I always like to go for as thin value as possible.
  • BogdanPS



    I was born in Romania, moved to Canada when I was 17. Unfortunately the accent will stay with me for a while longer (studies say that people that move after 12 years of age have a harder time to rid themselves of their accent).

    @8: Ck/calling 3 streets against an unknown is not standard. Once we timed out it became non-standard. He plays with a shorter stack and we have no info so I will not assume that he plays 5 tables+ (all the signs point to a fish, and they usually play few tables). We beat his thin value bets (worse Jx) and bluffs. If you take the river bet alone it's 6 into 8 so thus you need to be good 30%. If he shows an Ax we make a note and move on. However I think we can win 3 out of 10 hands here to at least break even (of course you can factor in the rake as well if you want to be really detailed). I didn't make additional comments as I felt it wasn't necessary. I would act there based on tells given in the hand (since he is unknown).
  • Farmarchist


    Thanks or answering bogdan!
  • Endurx


    Bogdan your the one of the best trainers i have ever heard thanks for your productions
  • EverSteel


    Hello Bogdan,

    41:00 AA, why do you suggest folding to the opponent's shove? There are gonna be QQ+ in his range, that he would wanna get in with protecting against multiple draws.He will have AQ+ hearts and lots of monster-draws that he can 3bet preflop quite ok. on the other hand, pocket pairs would hardly give action preflop and therefore sets on the flop are unlikely.
    I'd prefer a call.
  • DecMate


    hey bogdan i haven't fully watched the video yet, but i was wondering if i was to make a session like this (6table NL50) BUT ON ANNONYMOUS TABLES (microgaming) would you be interested in making a review?
  • BogdanPS


    @Endurx: Thank you very much !

    @Eversteel: That's a closer spot and a call could work but I prefer to know a bit more about my opponent.

    @DecMate: Hey DecMate. As long as the platform you play on is tracked via PS and it's one of the actively supported platforms we can definitely work together to make a video.