Weekly Freebie: Balancing & Ranges by Jungleman12

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Jungleman brings us a Weekly Freebie where he discusses the ins & outs of balance, what balance is and how and when to ensure balance is maintained throughout our game. And to conclude the video, the related topic of ranges is explored.


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  • EuanM


    We present the summary of the Coaching seminar with jungleman - enjoy the video and please leave your points for discussion as well as your Feedback!
  • murschi


  • Bartmannn


    What's the secret of these "weekly freebies"? Cant watch a single video of the serie. Does not work with Firefox?! o.O
  • grrgrrbla



    - so you are saying that (except in common spots) balance against regs does only matter so far as how your opponents perceives your range? if he thinks you are balanced than being unbalanced is ok, given that he could exploit you for not beeing balanced ( he has the tools to do so)? and you are saying that you only need to give off the impression that you have a high/balanced bluffing-frequency when in reality your bluffingfrequency is very low and vice versa?
  • EuanM


    Hey Bartmann,

    The Weekly Freebies are pieces of Content we put out on the Global status, so they can be enjoyed by everyone.

    Your issue sounds local, perhaps a flash player update could resolve your problem?

    Do you normally have any issues with YouTube or our Videos?
  • pablomarijuan


    Pretty interesting!!
  • veeRtje


    Needs louder mouse click sounds !
  • Bartmannn


    Hi Euan.
    Thx for answering but I have no problems at all watching all other videos here. Its only the freebie-stuff that doesnt work. U2b runs normal.
  • JOYS3R


    #8 --> rofl
  • TurnitAce


    can we get more on live poker please.
    Tournament and Cash as well.
  • Falco35


    I also use Firefox and I have no probs to see all the vids here at PS and everywhere else.
  • Falco35


    thx for making this a vid! I followed the Public Live Coaching view months ago and ther were big connection pros. So Im happy to see it now as a vid
  • DELETEDM_3945785


    #4 u dont miss that much
  • Bartmannn


    Problem solved, it was a bad filter in AdBlock Plus. But thx anyways!
  • EuanM


    Thanks for posting that back Bartmann ;) I'll keep that in mind for future issue :)
  • sausage646


    is mouse gesticulations and clicks
    really needed, considering that all material is only text, since they kind a distract... ?
  • ultimatecurse


    wow great video. If you can get a mike thats not so echo sounding. Randy lew had a good one it was like a head set he used but it came out real clear when he talked with no echo voice to it.
  • SergioSan90


  • Pilks7


    So I should bet 2BB preflop with KJ, 3 with KQ, 4 with AK...?
  • funnybunny666



    No. Don't do that. That's about as exploitable as it gets.
  • NegsNegsNegz


    Jungle da best :)