Welcoming Mutardet: Advanced Heads-up Omaha - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $400
  • Heads-up
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A warm welcome to Mutardet who releases his first production for the English community, which will feature two-tabling Heads-up at Pot-Limit Omaha 400.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first Video from Mutardet where some heads-up PLO is in order.

    Feedback & Comments welcomed as always!
  • Flushstraightjack


    Sick player drunkroger he must be very funny to play.

    Just like to see the entire match now you have some solid read on him.

    See you and keep goin, this is a good worK.
  • Fox128


    Österreich hört man sofort :D

    nice vid!
  • DanielK


    Please keep the comments in english, even if the Producer is native austrian.
  • TurnitAce


    lol not even the first video on at least gold status???
  • freepoker2012


    morons play
  • TerrorBlade


    Nice vid =)
  • Stroynowski


    18 min, table left
    You chose check/raise here with top two pairs not donkbet. Why You think its better way? I mean if You chose check/raise on such a wet board and he wanna reraise You, your hand is too strong too fold but its almost never way ahead vs his range ( sets and draws). I think if You donkbet, You can call raise and bet/stackoff blank on turn. Morover donkbet could induce some blufs from him because mostly it doesnt look so strong as check/raise. Are there any circumstanses that make your line better?

    31 min, left table
    If You cant put him on so weak hand that he had, do you think stackoff here on flop is best way? If You cbet flop, You have to stackoff vs so agressive player. Before i so his hand i put his range mostly on two pairs, pair with flushdraws and if he wanna stackoff so light on pair with gutter also. So we have equity:
    vs two pair about 35%
    vs pair with flushdraw about 40%
    vs pair with gutter about 50%
    If he wanna stackoff so light i think its better way to check/call here and bet/call or check raise some blanks on turn. Also we have nut flush blocker so by check call we can represent nuts if club cames on turn and make him really tough decision by going all in on river.
    I think its better way because on flop your hand is very rarely strong enough and almost cant improve. I can understand checking flop gives him oportunity to take a free card but also can induce some blufs. What do you think about it?

    You always cbeting 3/4 pot when You 3bet pre flop. I think its better to keep sizeing smaller on dry flop such J43 rainbow (48 min) and about 3/4 pot on flop with some draws like Q82 with flushdraw (31 min).
  • Mutardet


    Hey...hands nr1:
    I chose not to lead out here because he is cbetting 85% and I just want let him bet his air in this spot...that´s why I went for a c/r...the line you mentioned is def fine and probably best against most players!

    hand nr2:
    I generally hate to c/c flop especially with a hand like this where we won´t know where we are at at any time and just have to play the old guessing game...additionally I wanna cbet because yes he is kinda crazy but he won´t raise very single cbet and so we still get some folds/calls where it´s easier to play against than c/c...third thing I wanna mention...against pair with gutter we have like 57% or so...and he is just raising with Qxxx also probably...it´s a really akward spot, but I think bet/stacking off is best against this particular player...
    still I see merit in your c/c line, but I just hate to c/c most of the time because of the guessing game...

    regarding sizing in 3bet pots:
    that´s a good point you make with betting a bit bigger on wet boards...Generally I like 48 more than 54 just gives u little more room...and then there are other things you have the think about like villain´s tendencies, stack sizes,...but I def like your approach there!
  • TwiceT


    epic note taking language :D
  • Stroynowski


    Thanks for reply Mutardet. I try to improve my play vs aggresive oppnents on HU, so its great video for me. Hope to see more your videos soon.
  • n00bmare


    At the end 49:30 you say "we are probably flipping here"

    You are actually 62% favorite... You block one Ace, you block a two to his gut shot and the three 5s are no good, because it's your gut shot.

    So he had only ten outs + bd FD.