JonathanLittle - $55 & $109 Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55 - $109
  • Fullring
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JonathanLittle goes over various tournament hand histories from PokerStars in the replayer format, starting with the $109 tournament.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest tournament review with JonathanLittle which will feature two tournaments with commentary on the plays made.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback for Jonathan!
  • lmrelvas


    the best coach ever
  • bmfbpi


    hey Jonathan, regarding the 66 hand, do you have any HUD stats(reasonable sample) on villain ?
  • geoelt


    the AK vs AQ hand @ min12... I almoste allway s only call him on the river given I give my villain some kind of respect... Do you really think any decent player is calling of here with anything less than an A? I like to see my openents hand, what hands he might be bluffing with... I just dont see any value in the shove vs a decent polayer, I get less info when he folds and in the rare case that he is holding 88 I save some chips... allthough 88 should simply shove the river imo so I kind of discount that, anyway, I just don't think my openent is donking a single 8 there and even if, I don't think he'll call, so i really dont see the point in shoving (as long as I think getting to see his cards is valueable to me, which it is...
  • DJTrump


    Great video, Jonathan!

    24:00 AhTh isn't better to value bet mid pairs with smaller bet? I don't think he's folding an ace to often and it's better go 4 value.
  • Beckstowner


    Min. 25:20 KQ: Since u asked, I ususally like to call KQ in that spot. Of course it depends on the type of villain. But except for the fact that villain is a total Nit i call here and play the pot postflop in the early stages.. If he was UTG I lean a little bit mire towards folding.
  • JonathanLittle


    bmf, I have no stats on him.

    geoelt, While there is some value in getting to see your opponents hand, some really bad players will find a call with the most random stuff. You are for sure missing value by not pushing.

    DJtrump, I think your opponent is going to fold all hands worse than a K on the river pretty much no matter your sizing unless you do something to make them think you are bluffing with a hand like 65. I think a tiny bet would look like I want to get called. Because of this, I like a large bet to try to look like im trying to force my opponent off his hand. Quite often, they will look you up with middle pair type hands here.
  • Lasso


  • Xessi


    Hey, the 67s at 17:06 wud you consider that a standard open?

    I mean we only have about 15,5 BB and postflop playability isnt that great either. please elaborate.
    esp since guy next to you has been playing back and the BTN is very short!