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YourDoom takes to the re-player with user "AskMyDiaRy", the winner of the free sessionreview which YourDoom offers, for the purpose of reviewing certain hands at NL100 which have proven troublesome hands. Have fun with the Video and don't forget to leave your Feedback!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the user session review with YourDoomPoker!

    A special thanks to "AskMyDiaRy" for providing the hand history and notes!
  • roflushh


  • veeRtje


    About raising the 67 on K82 2tone: what are we actually representing here? I feel like this rarely works against good regs.
  • AskMyDiaRy


    Very nice Video, love your clear and analytic explanations and how you bring the table conditions into the context of the hands (one thing I might not do enough yet).
    I'm already looking forward to the 2nd part =).

    2nd hand 76s: If we flat e.g. a SC deep against a 3b, I feel that "never folding no matter what the flop is" sounds a bit out of line, wouldn't it better to have at least some little EQ as a backup plan if Villain isn't folding? Even then there are enough flops we can play back at.

    Last hand 87s: I totally agree that the 3b flat is bad against this guy, but don't you think that against aggressive players who tend to barrel all their OCs, gutshots and sometimes even scarecards without having equity themselves the line "call flop, shove turn" if we get some equity is good, because they can't really call an all-in with e.g. Ace high?
  • YourDoomPoker


    Thanks everyone! You know what's coming first... :D

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    I'll get to all your questions soon.
  • YourDoomPoker



    KQ, 88, 22, AA, AdQd, AdJd, maybe KJ depending on the dynamic would all be in my value raising range.

    But the thing is, even if the raise looks suspicious, what can he really do about it with a weak holding? Most regs wont float OOP, and most regs wont bluff shove this spot. Most regs in my experience just fold.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #4 (AMDR)

    76s. If you're facing a tighter 3B range or a villian who "will never fold" then just fold your weak hand preflop.

    Look at it like this, you can probably flat a 3x open in position vs a 25% opening range for +EV. Probably not massive +EV but a little at least. The reason being your nice drawing potential and the large stack to pot size ratio.

    What if a (very strange) opponent was opening CO for 11x with a 14% range. Would you flat 76s and then fold if you didn't hit anything on the flop? Doesn't sound like a profitable way to play does it?

    But you're saying you can flat an 11x 3 bet vs. a 14% range and play fit or fold profitably with 76s? Sure, it's two different situations with different details in play, but really, how different is it?


    I suppose vs the extreme player who is super wide and double barreling in 3 bet pot super wide and then folding to shove super wide, it may seem like an attractive option.

    But why not just bluff raise the flop bet to win the pot right now. You have no hand and no draw. Why let him hit something?

    Also, what about all the times he's taking this line super light and the turn is a blank for you? Then you just fold to his super light double barrel? Do you see why raising the flop would be better here?

    ALSO, when he actually does have a premium hand here, (even maniacs get dealt the same number of good hands as everyone else) you'll only lose your flop raise bluff instead of your entire stack.
  • freebsdfag


    Great video..but.. askmy..dia rye? lol
  • Farmarchist


    great video obv.

    I think I see why he's checking the turn behind in the 78s hand. Isn't this one of the spots where it is better not to bluff. Because: I think villain nevernever has some missed craphand here. He is aggresive and the turn is perfect to barrel with air. So he probably is either trapping or has a Q.
    So with this in mind would you fire turn and river?
  • brittLOL


    nice vid as always.. I just dont understand one thing. If we have 7k hands on a villain why dont you ask for more specific stats?
  • goranbaxy


    in 78s hand, you are saying that we don't rep much, don't really see why we would raise sets unles we have really carrzy dynamics. And if we think that he can't do much with weak holdings if we raise, isn't it better to float and shove any turn?

    also, when he checks A turn, isn't he more likely to have a hand because he will barrel all of his air, isn't that a sign that we should give up?
  • giraffe1977


    WOW Realy like your video, the math stuf is great. Loved the way you explained it all, realy helpfull.
  • Tim64


    Excellent vid. Thanks. Interesting pronuciation of 'diary' :)
  • YourDoomPoker


    #8 #13 - "Ask My Diary" has now been confirmed :) He tricked me by capitalizing the 'R'
  • YourDoomPoker



    Well, we shouldn't be in this spot to begin with, vs this range, on this flop. But as played, he may be trapping/not folding, or maybe he's just giving up w something like KJ or a pure bluff. Anyways, since we have no equity and no showdown value, I still like betting vs just checking back.

    I don't really see how our plan can be to float the flop w air, just x back the turn, and fold the river.
  • YourDoomPoker



    I asked for whatever stats AskMyDiaRy felt were relevant, and then used what was provided in the analysis
  • YourDoomPoker



    Vs. a 7% 3 betting range, I don't see much reason to bluff at all.

    But vs say a maniac 20% 3 betting range, I'd much rather just bluff raise flop. Even if he is skeptical about what you're repping w a flop raise, when most regs are sitting there with air and are given the choice to bluff shove their stack, to float OOP, or to just fold, most of the time they just click fold.
  • YourDoomPoker


    #12 Thanks! :D
  • double2


    Awesome videos Ryan, you're my new favorite video maker at Strategy. Cheers.
  • mcdkace


    the first video I watched in a long time. great stuff YourDoom, thank you!
  • Hackett77


    Hand 1: Shouldn't we also include some weighted combos of JJ/KK as he may flat in this spot sometimes with the 31/7 in the BB?
  • Hackett77


    I think the river bet sizing highlights a common error in thought process make alot of players make at these stakes. They try to stick to the same 2/3 pot betsize, I guess for balance, which often is necessary. But more importantly the river is the street where we can and should get much more creative with our sizings, overbets, underbets and everything in between with the key being 'what do we want our opponent to do'
  • Hackett77


    Hand 2: why would QJs/JTs be a bad 3bet. Would you call these hands from the SB?