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Our friendly-local MTT expert, JonathanLittle, takes to his hand-replayer a selection of hands where 4-betting becomes the main theme. Drawing on his hands of experience, Jonathan will discuss how to approach such situations ensuring profitability is maintained.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the 4-bet review with JonathanLittle!

    Feedback and comments welcomed as always.
  • geoelt


    talking about realistic ranges... the first hand is a joke imo... jonathan i really like your material but are you serious about saying villain will fold 66% of his 3bets when he puts in 1500 out of his 4100? If he is not super super super bad I think he'll never fold something even close to 66%.
    Assuming 3bet/folds from PP and suited Aces... doesnt fit my experience. Villain has only 16 BB, so I would assume that he would 3bet shove with the whole range you gave him for 3bet folding... This 3bet is super polarized in my opinion and includes - depanding on how active youve been - more or less bluffs...
    Don't get me wrong, I'll never fold AQ in this spot... but I strongly disagree with the whole hand analysis...
  • geoelt


    @ min. 26... what do you need to balance if your range is AK, JJ+ ? You havent talked about the big blind beeing loose/tight nor what BI the tournament was. Do you fold 77 in this spot? To me this seams like a great shoveing spot with any PP given that the BU will 3bet light here a tone and we have good fold equity plus the posibility to pick up 30% of our stack / 10 BB which is huge. It really depands on the button obviously but folding JJ and AK... I mean really? I think I don't fold AK here unless I have seen the BU playing over a huge sample and he is the biggest nit.
    Given that there are no antes which should make both CO and BU a bit tighter we should probably not shove too much, but something like JJ+ AK seems way to tight to me vs what likely is a steal and a resteal...
  • geoelt


    -big blind + Button in the 2. line, mixed that up obv ;)
  • vmetev


    The second hand with pocket tens the calculations are not true because all the chips in the pot will be 42k (not 52k) for I`m sound + Hero`s 52k + BB and SB + ante = 96k approximately. The final result for equity will be minus something not plus 300.
  • AssadKamran91


    just watched the half 1. hand and couldn't push myself anymore. u make rly good vids but ffs man? i rly didn't like how u started this one
  • Zolotarsp


    Hello Jonathan, thanks for another great video ;)

    @ 26:08, AA hand. Seems to be a perfect shoveing spot, i'd jam almost any 2 cards there. CO opens, BU 3bets, and we have about 5 times the 3bet amount. Even if button is a super-duper-nit, i assume he's gonna fold at least 60% of his 3bet-range, but u told something about folding JJ in that situation. Could u explain some more about that?
  • JonathanLittle


    As for the first hand, perhaps I assumed his range a little incorrectly. We all make mistakes from time to time.

    With the AA hand, I generally think a 3bet, even from an obvious 3bet spot, is not something you should get too out of line against, as you are often risking your stack and most people arent 3betting a ton. Obviously if the button is 3betting a lot, we can push a decent amount here. I think pushing 77 and AQ would be perfectly fine against someone that is opening wide. If the 3bettor is tight, you need to significantly tighten up,

    In general, in tournaments, I tend to shy away from super high risk plays simply because enough spots come up where you can pick up chips with basically no risk. If this was somehow a cash game and going broke didnt matter, I would be pushing a ton but when going broke is a disaster, folding a lot of the marginal hands is preferable. Also, if this is an overly soft tournament, like the sunday million, you really want to go out of your way to not go broke.
  • geoelt


    thanks for clarefying... obv everyone makes mistakes which is no deal at all :)
  • Fixel86


    @ min 27:

    I would consider 4betting small - like 135k to let him 5bet shove some bluffs.
    that would definetly more profitably than shoving right away. what do you mean?
  • JonathanLittle


    I wouldnt mind 4betting small but picking up a decent amount preflop is never bad, especially when it is important to be fairly balanced.