Europoker User Review with BogdanPS - Part 2

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Part two of the user review with BogdanPS & Arigold will continue from where part one ended, enjoy the video and leave your thoughts for BogdanPS


sixtabling User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the user review with BogdanPS & Arigold!

    The second part will continue from where the first part ended, so be sure to watch the debut episode first and come back here with your questions & feedback for the coaches!
  • CryingAce


    Here we go
  • samson11


    Sorry but i'm afraid this is not playing either, it says system error, hope that it will be fixed soon as I'm looking forward to viewing it. All the best!
  • BogdanPS


    @3: I can play it fine. What browser are you using?
  • 00471


    Works for me as well.

    Another excellent video from you Bogdan. Keep up the great work!

    It'd be a dream come true to have you examine my play in a video like this, but since I've just played poker seriously from February and it's been only a week that I'm on NL10, I don't think I'm on a proper level yet. I'll probably be asking you for that in the upcoming months if I keep up the progress. Cheers from Poland!
  • dzikson999


    Nice video. I have a question about 10 10 hand when u said we should call turn on xxQ A board what range do u give agressive villains from early position if that is Ev + call ?? And what should we do on river ( call almost any card ?? )
  • samson11


    my browser is mozilla firefox and when i try to play it I get this message,
    A system error has occurred we are sorry please try again later.
    Error Code: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • samson11


    Firefox is my browser and when I attempt to play the vid, this comes on screen, A system error occurred we are sorry please try again later.
  • samson11


    Sorry! problem was with my browser I have it sorted it now. All the Best!
  • MagnumLemon


    Hey Bogdan, you have a very noticeable accent. Where are you from?
  • MagnumLemon


    ~7:00: I consider giving up 44 as the better option. The two fish will often have a weak toppair, 2ndpair or any kind of draw in their checking range. I think none of it will fold with one or two bets.
  • W1ckd


    @11: I definately agree. The fishes are not going to fold Qx/Jx or any kind of draw. there are no cards we can really continue on vs the fishes. The Ah would be one of the worst cards to 2nd barrel imo. KT got there any FD got there (and look at their stats, they habe a ton of draws... KT wouldt fold. i would even expect JT to fold the turn (vs fishes)
  • Pakichu777


    @ the J3s hand, you're missing the gutshot i think, doesn't that change things a bit?