Advanced Heads-up Omaha - Part 2

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $400
  • Heads-up
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Enjoy the second part from our Pot-Limit Omaha expert, Mutardet, where the session review continues with advanced heads-up PLO play.


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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the second part of the Omaha Sessionreview from Mutardet.
  • Stroynowski


    Hi, very good video, i wait for 3 part.
    43 min, table right
    I dont think your donkbet here is really bad as You said.Its true that he is cbeting so much so it looks like check/raise is better here (especially to get value from his air). On the other hand You are not donkbeting too often, so your donkbet range looks like non nut made hands that You wanna protect - two pairs especially. In this circumstanses when You donkbet here its not so easy for him to put You on nuts because You usually check/raise this. So maby faceing a donkbet he can make some moves here and try to bluf You. I think its always good to have donkbet range well balanced, and have nuts and blufs, not only some weaker made hands. Obviously check/raise and check/call to check/raise turn are also good lines i think.
    54 min, table left
    I think its really bad to call 3bet with such a hand like Q873. I think it could be playable if his 3bet range was more face up, like lese then 7-8% - You can bluf on some low wet boards, that not hits his range. But if he is 3beting much more your hand cuold be very dominated and You are never sure on what board You can try to bluf him out.
  • Mutardet


    Hey thx for your are def right about having a balanced leading range etc...As I was leading not very much I don´t think that it is too much of a concern to be balanced, but your arguments def make sense, I just don´t think that he will ever spazz out on QT9ss vs. my lead...
    Like I said in the video I also think that the Q783 call is bad...Even against more face up 3bet range it´s probably still -EV...