Insyder Information: Midstakes Omaha

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $200 - $400
  • Shorthanded
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Starting with two tables of $1/2 and two $2/4, Insyder will progress the session-review moving onto four tables of PLO400, giving analysis on all relevant spots, as well as giving advanced general omaha advice. Enjoy the video and please do leave your thoughts & Feedback!


PokerStars Session Review sixtabling

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest production from Insyder19, where he has strayed from his norm, and moved down in stakes to show those of us still grinding our way up!

    Don't forget to leave your thoughts & Feedback about the video!
  • tommy9985


    first hand: I euqilated the hand vs. random and it has 52%. How can you be ahead of his range?
  • babbas90


    great video! One of the best plo videos on pokerstrategy imo. I did learn a lot. Please mooaar ;)

    One question though, in min 42 you iso raised the fish with Q556ss , isnt that a bit loose? I mean even though we're in position its hard to play a crappy hand like this +ev. Furthermore the sb seems to 3bet a lot...

    min 43
    you said you'd cbet/fold on J62r with your AJKK. First of all you block top set, moreover your range didnt hit too hard so he could easily throw in a small bluffraise couldnt he? Arent we getting too exploitive if cbet/fold that hand here? There's not much that he could have. Maybe most players just dont attack dry boards as this one as often and thats why you wanted to fold to a raise?

    Thanks a lot
  • elpsycho


    Hi Insyder,
    Why didn't you play JJ9Tss on 2nd table at 40:38? Can't we complete and see the flop?
  • insyder19


    Hey guys and sorry for the late answers :)

    Tommy, well in PLO any random hand has equity vs any decent hand. Of course we do not have a super strong hand here but he's opening the btn, therefore his range is looser than from UTG, therfore we can 3bet this hand. Against very strong players I wouldn't. When playing certain hands it really matter as well what you think about your opponent and how often you think you will be making a correct decision postflop, the more, the more you can play.


    Isoraise with Q556ss is too lose, no idea what I was doing there, probably thought I had Q567ss, then its fine, yet still close

    min 43:

    I don't think this specific player will bluffraise often at all, therefore if he doesnt bluff as much his range becomes very strong even tho we block top set. If you are in his shoes, think about how crazy a bluffraise would be vs someone who plays way higher, you would think he won't believe you and end up not bluff raising there :)


    for sure a call, was busy with table NR 4 :( Esp because the weak player limped, we can for sure complete there and see the flop