Logic Knot 11 - Balancing the Scales - Part 1

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Boomer kicks-off his two part mini series within Logic Knot, regarding the subject of balance within the Limit Hold 'em variant. Stay tuned for part two coming soon!


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  • EuanM


    Boomer returns with the mini-series, "Balancing the Scales" - where the idea of balance within Limit Hold 'em is discussion.

    Stay tuned for more Logic Knot, and don't forget to leave your thoughts about the Video!
  • overson


    Can you explain why the optimal strategy is mixed?

    Why can't the percentages determine fixed ranges? (So you always do the same thing with the same cards, since they still don't know what you have)
  • Boomer2k10


    In terms of the video "Mixed" strategy means:

    Do X a % of the time, Do Y a % of the time and do Z a % of the time

    A Pure strategy means you take 1 action all the time

    Mixed strategy doesn't mean you do different things with the same cards (althought that's certianly an option to mix up your game) it simply means in a given situation, i.e. you're facing a bet in position on the flop, you will have both a raising and calling range when continuing as opposed to the "purer" strategy of just calling.

    While on early streets certianly you can use purer strategies to hide your exact hand, at some point (usually the turn) you have to move to a mixed strategy.
  • renatopereira123


    Very clear vid, waiting for next part!
  • YohanN7


    I hear that you have finally brushed up on your english some more;)