Johnny's $20 User Review - Part 1

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JonathanLittle takes the hand history from community member "WHChampion", from the $20 tournament which was played at PokerStars, for review & feedback about the plays made. Let us know your thoughts about the hands, and don't forget to post your comment for the coach.


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Comments (14)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the $20 user review with JonathanLittle & community member "WHChampion"!

    Feedback & comments welcomed as always!
  • chuck2001


    Sit and Go | SNG $20 ????
  • Lasso


    this is a great video as usual. but to me it seems that this is not gold content. i wud prefer to see this in the beginners section. when we have silver coaching its like everyone knows when and how to steal/resteal in late position. also the crap hand completions in the sb. everyone in the gold section shud know to fold these kind of hands, especially oop.

    thats no offense, dont get me wrong. but i dont think that this vid is gold content.
  • robika27


    Thanks Jonathan for your comments, I really appreciate them as being the "hero".
    I played this tournament more than a year ago, and actually it is a 100$ buy-in, 35k gtd on iPoker network, which is much higher than my limit(i've satellited into it) and maybe that is one of the reasons for missing the squeez spots and many steals.Also, I was a semi-beginner, specially on that limit and in some cases I just didn't know what to do. But I'm keep watching your videos and my play is developing for sure:P
    Of course I still have leaks, but no one is perfect:) I'm still in love with suited connectors, it's very hard to find a way to fold them preflop:D

    I can't wait the 2nd part!
  • Antonioull


    Seems a nice review however there s amistake in the headline wich is ...
    strange and unprofessional , also Jonathan seems to think this is a 20$ MTT
    and not a 100$ (he mentions in these low stakes etc etc) when 100$ is mid stakes

    I liked the Review Jonathan made clear and nice observations and was carefull not to call hero a fish (sorry robika im joking with u ))))
  • thomasschlegel2


    hero plays dont well, but i dont get why j8 is a shove for the coach because nearly every time the early raiser has the nuts especially in lwo games and we will bust every time
  • pokerjan


    I would like to know who is deciding which HH´s are being reviewed.
  • nurscheisskarten


    this aint a sng video...
  • elpsycho


    Hi Jonathan!

    46:05 You said you would shove 66. We don't have any stats on this opponent, so we can't say for sure what is his opening range, for example, if he is 10/7 would you still shove?
    He raises 4x and we have almost no fold equity, and we will be far behind
    against his calling range. So why do you think it is a pretty big mistake not to shove in this spot?
  • Rammie


    Dont understand why you would raise fold with 22 and not with 59, if anything you're blocking more hands they are reshoving you with 59 than you are with 22
  • nekrikstas


    a little bit confusing to watch when you see no antes, but still there are antes ;-)
  • EuanM


    Downgraded the Video to Silver to be in line with Part two as well as user Feedback!

  • ZeroDegrees


    Hi Jonathan n thx for the vid!
    I wonder about the 66's 45 min into the video. CO bet 4bb = 4800 and BU calls, pot now around 12k. In my limited experience I have very low fold equity here. And the CO would only need to pay 16k to win 28k and seems to have a strong hand. And he would have 50k left after a loss.

  • JonathanLittle


    You guys may be right about having very little fold equity with the 66 hand. Obviously if he is opening often, we should push more often and if he is a super nit, we should for sure fold the 66. Sorry for any confusion.