Weekly Freebie: Studying Poker - Shortstacking the BB Heads-up

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In his latest production, Byron Jacobs explores the topic of playing the Big-Blind Heads-up with an effective stack of 10-25 big blinds, using the Heads-Up Sit & Go format as the canvas, Byron will explore his opponents behaviour and tendencies, interpreting the information in a way in which we learn from our opponent, in an effort to adapt our own style of play to one which exploits the opposition.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest video with Byron, where he makes a review of a session played in the Heads-up Sit & Go format, to showcase to us, techniques he uses to gather information on his opponent and adapt our approach to them through that - approaches to how we interpret others actions and study poker are explored using the opponent as the subject.

    Don't forget to leave your thoughts & Feedback, and a special thanks to Byron for the awesome video!
  • Drogo2987


  • Falco35


    really cool and nice video! For me not too much new but there are some interesting things.
  • Chuckey


    wow. this is really good content.
  • Duziks


    pleas make yourdoom for freebies
  • smokinnurse


    hi byron,
    could we get the excel sheet?
  • kiromanAAKK


    What a video ...

    Thank you very much for it!
    Hope to see more works like that :)

    P.S. There is anyway u can share the excel sheet please? TY
  • pokerjan


    Liked the Vid.
    Would happily send 20 Dollar on Stars for The Excel Sheet and the charts.
  • ByronJacobs


    Thanks everyone for +ve feedback. I have some ideas for other situations where similar (quite complicated) analyses are possible and if people like this kind of vid I can make them.

    #8 (and others) I have sent the excel sheet and charts to ps and I'm sure they can post them at some point.
  • Coolpawn


    Excellent stuff!!! Please more of this!
  • Bergsteiger3


    #8: Just put the equation from min 18:24 in Excel. But there is a mistake: not ... -(2xFE) but +(2xFE). In the Excel-Sheet he shown the equationis right.
  • ByronJacobs


    OK - the files are here: http://resources.pokerstrategy.com/2012/04/23/Chartsandequation.pdf
    The spreadsheet is VERY basic, but does the job. Use the four highlighted boxes to calculate an equity or the lower shaded box if you know the equity and want to generate a jam "value" (watch the vid if unsure). I am sure someone can write a more sophisticated more flexible spreadsheet and I'd be interested to see it if anyone does.
  • SvenBe


    He guys, if anyone is willing to help improving the spreadsheet together with Byron, please contact us on coach@pokerstrategy.com !


    good job!
  • MisClick


    Hi there. I have questions about your formula to determine if a shove is profitable (@15:33). The first part of the formula reads [FEx(ES+2)] as the amount of chips won if opponent folds. However, I don't see how you introduce ES there as if he folds you will never get his ES?
    Thanks a lot
  • ByronJacobs


    #15 Hi Misclick. [FE x (ES+2)]: The (ES+2) part represents our stack after the villain folds. For example, if hero has 20BB and villain has 30BB before the hand, the ES is 20BB. When the villain min-raise/folds, hero ends up with 22BB (ES+2).
  • MisClick


    great, thank you :)
  • Bambochaa


    awesome video
    hope to see more videos like that :)
  • jackboy2011


    thank you. great video.
  • LX4DR


    most useful vid ive ever seen! thx a lot!
  • wakeupmrwest


    This Video is not available anymore,is there any possibility to upload it again?
    Thank you
  • 2phil4u


    I made the same calculation for Hyperturbos, but didnt know the special function in Equilab.
    I so made it for specific hands.
    Interesting too for the raiser, who is get much 3-bets.
    Simply open tighter and have about 44% EQ when calling.
  • mktpppr


    wow just wow, great video, 6 stars like someone else said about another BJ vid
  • laubold2


    Reminds me on HUSnG Mersenneary Book, free online download.

    It's the same topic and perfect HuSnG Content, which lets you think a lot about your game and your goals.

    Like this video... just very very very good content. 5*
  • blsmur


    good stuff Byron it backs up What I am doing nice to know