Fixed-Limit Heads-up Play with ByronJacobs

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In response to user requests for a live-video as well as heads-up play, Coach and Author, Byron, presents his latest Heads-up production where a session review of the game is made with Byron giving thoughts throughout. The topic for the video is the exploitation of our opponent through the observation of his tendencies, with that Byron is determined to assume control of his opponent - putting him in a difficult position.


Heads up Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Byron delivers!

    Enjoy the heads-up re player review with Byron, as requested by our users, he has taken his thoughts back to the session for our benefit, to determine some behaviors of the villain for exploitation.

    Particularly in this video, we will be able to watch Byron attempting to take control of the session in a manner which will unsettle his opponent as he attempts to regain control.

    Please do leave your thoughts & feedback for Byron!
  • madorjan


    Hey Byron,

    Nice vid, thanks for it.

    I'm usually a fan of checking back flops, but how about not doing that against this kind of opponent? He seems to be nitty and straightforward (uninducable) enough for me, that I really don't want to check back a balanced range against him, but he doesn't seem stupid enough so that I don't want to be balanced, therefore I'd cbet 100% against him. What do you think about that?

    Thanks in advance.
  • ByronJacobs


    Curious that the notes start with #2. #3 I agree this villain is pretty uninducable (as discussed around 18:30). However the c/b is still a useful tool, mainly for pot control with a range including weak draws and marginal sd hands, e.g. K-4 on a 568 flop I am playing c/b against almost any villain profile. Also when I have LAGgy image (as here) I can protect against being bluffed out on dry flops, e.g. 942 flop I c/b K7 and have a much better chance to realise my equity against hands like 65, T8, Q5 which may (semi-) bluff raise after c-bets (villain sees me opening raising and c-betting close to 100%, so raising looks very +EV from his perspective). There is a good discussion of the c/b play in the strategy article:
  • YohanN7


    #4 PokerStrategy.Com have decided to not display the first note because it always says "first" and is thus redundant.

    Nice video! It's just so much more interesting than any push/fold NL tourney stuff.

  • taavi1337


    nice one
  • Tim64


    Good vid, thanks. I think we could find a fold with AT on 55Q bd when he ch/R (at least on Riv) just b/c, as you say, he doesn't appear to be bluffing much.
  • ByronJacobs


    #7 yes - totally agree. He might be exploiting my Laggy image since the flop is so dry, so the flop and turn calls are fine I think. But when
    he barrels the river I think I should find a fold.