Advanced Heads-up Omaha - Part 3

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $400
  • Heads-up
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Mutardet launches the third and final episode of the three-part Pot Limit Omaha series he has produced for Enjoy as the session review is concluded at the two tables by the coach!


bet365 series Session Review thematic video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third and final part of the Pot-Limit Omaha series with Mutardet.

    Please leave your thoughts about the video as well as your Feedback for the coach!
  • kopoland


    where is voice?
  • kopoland


    ohhh everything is ok:)
  • McBurak


    hello, im a noob to plo hu (nlhe hu is my main game), but i have a general question for the whole series: why are you folding to 3bets so little 100bb deep? You called or 4bet almost every single one of his 3bets, sometimes with really trashy hands - is it profitable? It's not like he's some fit-fold passive donk whom you could fold out postflop, and its pretty hard to hit board really well with those bad holdings. And its not like he is complete maniac preflop, 16% in nlhe hu is actually pretty tight 3betting range, dunnno how it converts in plo. Anyway, it seemed like you were burning a lot of money by peeling of flops and just folding to cbets.

    Other than that, i really enjoyed the video, im propably gonna start playing plo hu soon (starting at plo50) and i think it gave me the general idea of how it should be played. Hope to see some more stuff from you in the future.
  • Krach-Bumm-Ente


    6:36, does it really do us much good to raise there with topset?
    sounds very counterintuitive to give a freecard on this kind of board, but think about what we get money in against and how well our range is defined. we will only get it in flipping against combodraws and every once in a while against worse sets. all other hands we fold out, especially after we just bluffraised on the other table he won't expect us to bluff again and definitely not on this kind of board.
    do you think it's still better to raise or is there merit in disguising our hand (very much so!) and hoping to get it in very good on some decent turns?
  • Mutardet


    We are def goin to get it in against lower sets (I like to c/raise especially with topsets because of the possibiltity of a set over set sitaution whereas there are not many turns where we can shipt it in with the ttt here...
    In addition to that I don´t think that our range is defined AT ALL. Why do you think our range is defined on a 47tss board???
    There´s def some merit in disguising our hand, but a match that aggro I def wanna c/r topset here...our opponent might even do something crazy with bottom two here...he seems to kinda overplay his hands too...
    So I personally for my gameplan raise 80% here and might c/c 20%...
  • Mutardet


    @4: well in plo hu you simply have to call 70-90% of 3bets because u have the powerrr of position and can do a lot IP or flop well...So I think in previous videos I talked a bit about some hands that shuld have folded to 3bets, but generally in plo hu you have to call a lot of 3bets in plo hu...Those are even probably the most profitable spots in plo hu where u play a 3bet pot IP