Weekly Freebie: Shorthanded Midstack Strategy

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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In this dubbed video from our Russian community, Russian producer "milename" delivers a multi-tabling short-handed session review to showcase the most profitable and educational spots during the session.


MSS Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the Freebie brought over from the Russian community, as milename plays a four-tabling session while midstacking!
  • EuanM


    Thread: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?postid=1052771

    Don't forget to let us know your future suggestions as well as feedback!
  • Mega22


    One of the best author of MSS video.
  • Ratatuj


    A great work made by a dubber!
  • protasli


    nice video
  • Zockermikey9


    nice. finally some lowlimit MSS content :)
  • t7777777


    2 or 3 tables would be betters
  • xLadyFx


    Finally some more MSS vids. More please!
  • Szel202


    Nice one, need more!
  • kiny351


    great video, 2 tables are fast!
  • pirni77


    What Stats are you looking at, when you want to know, if an opponent floats you a lot? Is it the 'Bet Turn IP vs. missed C-Bet'-Stat, right???

    Nice Video btw!
  • pirni77


    okay, I just realised this video is dubbed, so I am not expecting an answer from milename, my bad :-(
  • dzikson999


    U didnt complete a streith in cca 41 min on table 1 so u bluff raised with A 10 o hand ;)
  • Milename


    yes i use Bet Turn IP vs. missed C-Bet floats or not. if 50+ floats, if 50- he bet velue
  • nuteLka


    great vid i liked it much
  • Coolpawn


    very nice - but a session review would be much better ...
  • p0rkus


    Completely forgot!!!

    My stats:

    Top line - Fold2cbet, Cbet raise, AF, WTSD, Hands

    Bottom line - VPIP PFR Steal Resteal

    On the left - Fold SB to Steal, Fold BB to Steal

    On the right - 3bet + Fold23bet
  • SasoriHayate


    nice video but awful apm if you have problems on 4 tables i don't want to imagine on more. Anyway i'm noob at playing poker but when is about speed i'm nr 1.
  • CoconutDealer


    this dubbing is more than flaweless! but the coach is clearly unable to cope with the action. He missed so many spots in the blinds and had some pretty awefull preflop plan eg. min 18:30 topright KJo UTG open? without big fish in the blinds.. beginners shouldnt copy everything in this video.
  • Castle93


    Great Video, Im just movign up to NL25 SH MSS so this is pretty much spot on what im looking for in a video, thanks milename
  • Factcont05


    GG vídeo!
    Can do more SH =)
  • ariwald


    Resteal with 72o!!! OMG, thats awesome.Very nice video.
  • burdiganoasa


    very nice I really enjoyed thanks :)
  • Jaden1984


    nice video pls more MSS Sh