Highstakes Thinking with Leatherass - Part 3

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Leatherass continues his hand-replayer review series with specially selected hands for your educational enjoyment. Enjoy as the world famous, No-Limit Hold 'em expert reverse engineers the plays made in the hands selected, for the purpose of discussion and analysis.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part from Leatherass where further interesting hands are played-out, in an effort to encourage discussion and improve our play.

    Don't forget to leave your questions, thoughts and feedback for Dusty!
  • Arcane


    Hey Dusty, why are you scamming people for their money who ordered your books via your site?

    Several people have not received their orders and neither Scott from Imagine Media nor you are answering on any communication channel (mail, skype, facebook).

    There's a thread about it in the German forums: http://de.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=1397359

    I normally wouldn't be posting stuff like this in the comments of a video but seeing as you have no intention of paying anyone back (and it has been 6 months now!), I could at least issue a strong warning for everyone against ordering anything off your site.
  • Daewon7


    piece of
  • Nivlem


    Hi Arcane,

    Thank you for addressing this issue, I'm sorry to hear about the problems. I have sent an e-mail to Dusty, linking to this video and the forum thread you linked.

    Hopefully, things can be worked out and solved soon.

    In the meantime, I hope you did like the video!

  • barbeysize


  • Leatherass9


    Arcane, please email me at leatherasscoaching@gmail. com with your name, address and what book(s) you ordered and I will be happy to send you signed copies of the book(s)you ordered out of my personal stash.

    Although I realize given the website name is dustyschmidt.net it is very easy to assume that it is me personally who is not properly handing the issues with Imagine Media, but honestly I just write the books. A guy named Scott Brown runs the company. I have no access to who is owed what books or for how long they have been owed the books. So please write me at leatherasscoaching@gmail.com and I will send you copies personally. It is the only way I can handle the situation and be sure things are ACTUALLY taken care of. I was told previously that the issues were taken care of but clearly they haven't been.

    Apparently what happened was that the Imagine media distributor, Bang Publishing, sent the books out "Media mail" rather than "priority mail" like they should have been. They made this mistake over the period of 1-2 months so if you ordered books during that time, they are actually still in the mail somewhere, but God only knows when they will actually get there since media mail is the slowest possible option. To my knowledge, people who have ordered books recently got them in a few days.

    I am sorry to anyone affected and please do write me so I can get the books sent off to whoever is missing them.

  • Tim64


    Yeah, really loved this one. Thanks indeed. I'd also be interested in seeing some hands you played in which your river bluff shoves got snapped. I think it would be useful to understand the flipside and to see when things don't work out.
  • Leatherass9


    I think I will do a video at some point where I show a bunch of spots where I either chose a poor spot to bluff (and I can explain why) or a video where I make good bluffs against their range and get snapped off and explain why either I got unlucky or my opponent made a poor call against my overall range. I will keep my eyes peeled for those situations at the tables. Thanks Tim!
  • Tim64


    @8, yeah just seen the weekly freebie on exactly this subject. Thanks in advance and will watch with interest!