Zoom: No Limit Hold on - NL200 - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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mbml takes to the Zoom tables at PokerStars to produce a two-part live-session. Using the HUD, mbml will ensure the possibility of exploiting his frequently unknown opponents. Stay tuned for the second part!


Live Video PokerStars series Zoom

Comments (28)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the live Zoom video with mbml!

    Questions & Comments?

    Stay tuned for the second part next week!
  • boool


    Russian are crazy... true story
  • anjik775


    Hello im from Ukraine!!! And i assure u i 3bet and 4bet for pure vallue!:D
    Nice vid man! sry for AKs such a nice hand on such a nice board!!
  • anjik775


    As for the q10s hand i dont think the bluff there was resonable play as you represent only sets there,the draws didnt complete and you overshove the river! The reg never folding that river after he called turn check raise! I would do same crying call!!
  • boool


    13:45. Can you please give your reasons to call AJo @ BU being in deep eff stacks with MP raiser? Imho this call is -EV against agressive player.
  • Talent2


    First of thx for the nice video!

    I totally agree with "anjik" on the QTs hand, but it would be nice if you could tell us the range of hands you see him cbet b/c c/f with!? In the hand I think you basically only rep 3s and 8s maybe J8s but in my experience most of these hands even delay on the river, so I really don`t see a profitable bluffing spot on the river.
    Also I don`t see a reason why you folded that many buttons like(Kxo). Especially in Zoom(fast-fold-sb) I can`t see a minraise/fold not being +ev! What is your take on this?
    Again thx for uploading the video I really enjoyed it! :)
  • papkaroly007


    Hi mbml!
    How were you eble to use holdem manager on Zoom tables? I tried, but wasn`t successful. Thank you, bye.
  • yeahZaraza


    ahaha "Russian are crazy... true story"
    look like uk moron buhahah
  • yeahZaraza


    ohohho AKs! I call I have rise from utg and rerise on sb ! ololo a have nuts flush draw I make check rise and push! uhahaha "Russian are crazy... true story"! Its nice play?
  • yeahZaraza


    45% vs Ak,JJ+ ?
  • mbml


    @5: I think he's wide enough so even if he's aggressive I think I can make good decisions against his barrels.

    @6: I agree that I was playing a little on the tight side. You definitely can get away with opening 65-70% on the BU but I was a little tired of getting 3-betted so frequently. I think I was probably a little too tight as you mentioned, cos these players are definitely somewhat tighter than those that I am used to at NL400-600 normal tables.

    @7: search the forum for an internal update. the official update for HM1 has not been released yet.
  • mbml


    @3: please link the hand
    @8: don't mean to offend you if you are Russian, I use the term crazy to describe overly aggressive players, just like how I would do so for maniacs. And on average, Russians have proven to be way more aggressive than the average player from other parts of the world.
  • yomatiyo


    I am also never folding KK there... (QTs hand), and I also dont like the bluff that much cause we a rep a reaaly tiny range, and in my experience, when we do that, we get bluffcatched a lot more.
    What ahout just call turn? and maybe move in some rivers? we are not totally out of oods... and if we one one of every 4 or 5 hands in the river whitout hitting, we should be EV+ for sure

    amazing vid like allways, I was missing your vids allready!
  • Danhel


    this voice is awful
  • IronPumper


    @14: woooow, rly a highquality
  • Csengele


    Great video, thanks!

    Last hand J9s vs 50bb vs min4bet, 37$ pot, your call 10$ i think you have the proper odds vs AA, KK,but its hard really, isn't it rather marginal than easy fold? Vs full stack i think rather call IP, Implied odds (maybe little reverse IO also, but you call a small bet at Jxx, 9xx and fold turn, and chase draw with proper odds.)

    More luck at next sessions, you run pretty badly :/
  • Tim64


    Thanks for this, as always.
  • IronPumper


    any advices on notetaking at zoom?
    How do you approach it in general?
    Taking maybe all your notes offgame?
  • brittLOL


    can you explain your thought process preflop with J9s in 47th minute? You have very small sample on villain, you are only 50bb deep..
  • mbml


    @18: I will ctrl+click the fold button and watch important hands if it's multi-way and just write the notes down on Pokerstars. if it gets to showdown I either just remember that guy's name or look out for it at the other tables and then write the note down. Or i open the instant hand history and type it in there.

    I also do take some notes in HEM but really there's no time to read it in game I find so for me I try to memorize the general tendencies of specific players more.

    Probably not applicable to you if you play NL100 or below because player pool is too huge so just take more general notes
  • mbml


    about the J9s hand, while I may be getting the right odds, I do not know enough about villain to make it a profitable play. If I could just call and see all 5 cards then it's fine. but I'm not sure how many bluffs he has or if he only has AA/KK. If he only has AA/KK then I can only shove when I have 2p+ and if he has a ton of bluffs then I need to shove whenever I hit any pair or strong draw.
  • mbml


    when it comes to pre-flop, many short stacks open fairly wide in all positions (18%+) but they tend to fold really often vs 3-bets because they are bad at playing as the caller and they tend to give credit to players 3-betting them when they open from EP so they mostly 4-bet a really tight range and fold the rest.
  • IronPumper


    I play Midstakes (reg games) and 1/2 and 2,5/5 zoom.
    I take most of my notes postsession and know anyways all tendecies of 90%+ of my opponents at reg games.
    At zoom this is unfortunatelly for the moment different...
    Your advices are here unfortunatelly not applicable for me b/c I write notes only at HM (not stars-client).
    I guess I will stick to my postsession - notetaking...
  • RiseandStrive


    16:17 78s

    this turn donk is such a nice and sweet aggressive dead money... :) in villains place it is almost 100% shove against U, because U don't rep anything strong beside fdraw (ok- 6h7h probable) or kind of mid pocket! Woudn't U check T with any King or fullhouse?) are U going to call a shove on T?

    btw .. nice vid ;)
  • guiziouzou


  • olram6


    Lol Hielko :) He also makes vids at Pokerstrategy :)
  • Heffron89


    Great video again :) keep it up.
  • Yordi85


    you say your image is bad. 20% 4bet. When do you know that players start to adapt?

    When 4betting preflop as a bluf they start to call or raise you more?

    Do you change your playingstyle every 10K hands?