Kobeyard's Session Review

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20 - $30/$60
  • Shorthanded
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In the latest production from the German Fixed-Limit master, Kobeyard, he has provided a Video to the English community. The video itself is the hand re-player format, made between stakes of $15/$30, $30/$60 and involves a selection of hands chosen by himself from a session he played. Enjoy the video and don't forget to leave your Feedback!


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Comments (3)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the hand re-player review with the German Fixed-Limit professional, Kobeyard.

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts and questions for the coach!
  • Tim64


    Thanks, kobeyard. Thought the J4s hand, bvb, @ 25:00 was really interesting.

    If I understood, you were saying that by checking behind on the turn, we depolarise our river betting range so that we can have some thin value bets with 9x as well as some bluffs. (If we can't have value hands then all our bluffs get called). So, my question is what better hands might you be hoping to fold out if river blanks off with, e.g. a deuce? Is it mainly 6x or do you think he could fold 9x ever?

    Thanks again
  • EverSteel


    Hello kobeyard,

    a question if you might:

    Last hand, why dont you consider the default second barrel against gutshots and FD? the opponent, having called the flop, will often have a draw with 10+ outs, we are ahead of those and have to protect our hand. And what do we do if he bets river?