Freebie: Climbing the Ranks in Pot Limit Omaha - Part 3

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PLO-expert and Stars Pro, GodlikeRoy has taken the user feedback and went down in stakes for our benefit, so that the series can build up from a smaller stake level, covering and discussion the hands along the way for our benefit. Enjoy the video and don't forget to leave your Feedback for the coach!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest from GodlikeRoy in the third installment of "Climbing the Ranks" - Roy moves down in stakes following user feedback to deliver a more tailored review.

    Let Roy know any thoughts or feedback you may have about the video, here, in the comments section!
  • ILoveNele


    we love Omaha Freebies :-)
  • EuanM


    Good to know Nele - check back every Wednesday for the latest & greatest in free poker education!
  • elpsycho


    Hi GodlikeRoy,

    I have a little question about betsizing. You are raising a bit more than 2x from every position except UTG, so why is this sizing better, than for example 3bb or pot? And do we have to vary our 3-bets as well?
  • GodlikeRoy


    Hey elpsycho,

    I like to make my sizes smaller so we can't as easily be exploited by an aggressive 3bettor. If everyone at the table is passive then I think opening for 3x or pot becomes fine.

    The reason I open for more from UTG is that we want to maximise our preflop fold equity given that we are in a bad position.

  • georgikolev


    Her GodlikeRoy.

    Really nice video. Can I ask for a video where you show us how to play in 3 bet pots only? As we know 3 bet pots are the big pots and we should be good at playing them. May be you can make two parts. First-when is good to 3 bet and what factors we should consider before doing it and how to play postflop, when to c-bet, when to take a free card etc. Second when we should call a 3 bet. What hands are good to call a 3 bet, how to play postflop and what hand is enough to stack off against different opponents. I would be very happy to see such a video. Thanks a lot!

    Regards Georgi.
  • keevo


    I think a small betsize from UTG is better, because equites are running so close and you dont want to play big pots OOP.
  • Cealin


    Thanks, this rocks :). Being an FTP player I lost my status to such good video's (my Stars account wasn't with PS). Happy to see one high quality again :).
  • nyehehe


    Please dont zoom so much that we cannot see your cards...
    nice video anyway, ty :)
  • chicagorealtynow


    I was thinking of joining after watching videos from Clements but in watching this video where he talks about he schedule and many other unrelated topics, I'm not going to pay to access the other videos.