Side By Side Short-handed

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16 - $105
  • Shorthanded
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faarcyde delivers a multitable review of the $15 SnG's at Down from his usual stakes, faarcyde takes us through the first SnG limit where people are said to make a comfortable living, only when faarcyde doesn't sit at their table of course...


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest production with faarcyde, as he plays two-tables shorthanded low-stakes at PokerStars!

    Check out the Video description for further episodes of this series!
  • beastFromPrague


    check out the youtube channel
  • t7777777


    Your hud was off on both tables by 2 players to the right. Good vid
  • Tim64


    Thanks f/c. Thought the QT hand in $100 game was really nicely played. I didn't like the K2s shove ( 41:20 ) so much. It's b/e ofc, but my feeling was the table was soft enough to pass up this thin spot given how comfortable our chip lead is and how likely our opponents are to make big mistakes in the future.
    Thanks again!
  • akrammon


    @02:40 aren't we contemplating a call with the KJ?

    I agree with Tim, the QT play was awesome! Very good and useful vid as always!
  • lightcarrier


    concerning a few hands what might be play different low or high stakes.
    3:56 Q9o iso raise?1 I find that a bit to loose but this is proberbly a move you do at the higher levels. Iso raising at lower levels with mediocre hands like q9o will get callers mostly.

    wider ranges open raise with a8s(11:04) is what I mostly do even up to a7o at the lower levels. More iso raising at the lower levels and comparing to higher and lower stakes which hands you differ,doing that.

    Good video!
  • faarcyde


    @Tim64: Thanks for the comments as always, I think you were right on about the K2 hand.

    @akrammon: Eh, no I don't like a call. One of those barely ahead, way behind situations. If we had backdoor clubs or something I might give it a whirl.

    @lightcarrier: I'll stick by the play, typically the UTG limper will have a very weak range and we can rep all the high card flops and the middling textures hit us pretty well.
  • roopopper


    Great video!!
  • xmiammiamx


    I'm not really surprised he has a hand @27:30
    I don't think he was a bluffy opponents. I think all the little "bluffs" he made before where bets for information, where he only put small amounts. That's why he insta check/fold once you have called them.
    Here is river raise all-in is different from its previous play.
    Hard to fold two pairs tho, cause we're not sure.
  • xcbrx


    come on guys, that description of the video is bullshit.... "side by side" has three parts (HU, SH and FR) and only the FR version has a correct description which goes like:

    "In the latest production from faarcyde, we are launching a new series where he plays two tables of different stakes side-by-side to compare the differences."

    i mean, its OBV that faarcyde doesnt play "$15" gameS here, does he?