A Guide to ZOOM Poker

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In his latest production, our No-Limit coach "mbml" delivers a theory-type presentation packed full of information and tendencies, as well as certain assumptions, in relation to the style of play we can expect to see at the ZOOM tables at PokerStars.


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  • Pantxo2


    nice :) now is PokerStrategy.com :)
  • EuanM


    Local video is local - Enjoy!

    Leave your questions and thoughts for discussion with mbml should you feel so inclined!
  • Bzzz2906


    You should post more gold+ video on Youtube :)
  • YohanN7


    Vodka belt poker rules. Cheers!
  • Dassuk


    Translated into Russian!
  • suitedaces1701


    I was suppose to do my macro project but decided to watch this instead
  • lmbr1


  • biij


    vodka rulezzz))
  • micodim


  • IronPumper


    negative feedback:
    zoom os new -> I wanna a up_to_date vid.
    This vid is obv. already a little older and hence the value is decreased.
  • IronPumper


    @gaining reads:
    Have you here a few solid advices?
    Problem is that I wanna stick with my personal notesystem at HM and do not wanna make notes at the PS-software.
    This is obv. in game almost impossible b/c the hud of a certain player is often to quick gone to make a note.
    So is the only opportunity for me rly to make all notes off-game?
  • Dublimax


    @11: I agree
    I asked PS to release their zoom vids faster than once/week but they want to stick to it even for zoom which decrease dramatically their inherent value. Also bc mbml afaik isn't playing zoom anymore so his live sweat vids are him playing at the very early days of zoom... :(

    @12: I have the list of hands played in HEM2 and click on the hand and add the note in the replayer.
  • cutegoldfish


    #12 - i click on the hand history at the top left and then click on the player to write a note
  • RubishCube


    Nice video.
  • mbml


    well zoom is not so new now,
    but a lot of the stuff is still relevant.

    and I'm actually playing zoom as my main game now, 4 tabling NL500 SH and 2 tabling NL200 SH.

    but of course those games play almost the same as the regular midstakes tables since all the regs are the same playing a similar style to what they were used to.
  • MagnumLemon


    rofl: 'Russians und Ukrainians cannot be given any credit'
  • IronPumper


    Not applicable for me b/c I wanna have my Notes in HEM.
  • IronPumper



    when you 3bet small PPs IP deep, then i guess you default is to fold to a 4bet?
  • IronPumper


    Here you say that it is not a good idea to defend OOP low SCs - ypu mean passively or by 3betting?
    When I got it right you referred to 3betting?
    If so, what hands you 3bet OOP deep (I know that there are a few very good arguments to rarely have a 3betting-range OOP deep)...
    What do you do with offsuited broadways (ATo-AQo, KQo, KJo...) in the SB vs. LP-Steals being deep, but with an aggr. (squeezy) and solid BB behind?
    What you do in this mentioned scenario with low SCs, Axs, etc...?
    Just folding?
  • IronPumper


    what is your default OOP n BBvsBTN/Co vs. solid REGs deep with small PPs?
    with medium PPs we can just call - with small pps it seems closer...
  • mbml


    1. depends on sizing, player type and effective stacks behind. calling 4bets with speculative hands is definitely possible, no one says u have to fold. but this is an extremely complex topic and if u feel uncomfortable u can always fold since i assume people tend to 4bet strong when deep unless theres dynamic.

    2. I think perhaps vs a minraise you could make an argument for playing those smaller SCs vs a BU raise. but the better the player is, the more reverse implied odds you have, regardless of whether u 3bet or flat.

    if you call preflop, then a lot of the time you can only c/c once and give up. checkraising is not good too because u either get paid off a little or if both of you hit your flushes you get dominated and lose a super big pot.

    3. if by solid you mean ABC TAG then I might be willing to play looser because their play is more transparent. i am more afraid of very strong LAGs who will know how to make good folds and put a ton of pressure on me in position.
  • IronPumper


    first of all, thank you very much for answering^^

    1.) Calling 4bets IP is for sure possible for me IP -> the thing is that here stuff like Axs, SCs have way more opportunities (can continue on more flops w EQ) than a small PP.

    2.) thx.
    What you do in SBvsBTN with solid offsuited Broadways (AQ, KQ, AJ...) with a solid (0competent Reg) behind?
    I guess in BBvsBTN we can btw. just call SCs, solid broadways and Axs b/c we get better odds pre and are last to act - you agree?

    3.) tx here^^
  • IronPumper


    min. 22 - what you think of calling 3bets IP deep with offsuited Broadways?
    call you here less or more than for 100BB-stacks IP being deep?

    and btw.,
    what is for you being deep?
    Since how many eff. BBs you call it deepplay and all you advices on depplay starts to become true?
  • wickytheviking


    good useful analysis, thanks
    more of zoom/speed nlh poker 6max/fr video would be nice! micros..