Zoom: No Limit Hold on - NL200 - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Shorthanded
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mbml takes to the Zoom tables at PokerStars to produce a two-part live-session. Using the HUD, mbml will ensure the possibility of exploiting his frequently unknown opponents.


Live Video PokerStars series Zoom

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the conclusion of the Zoom series by Galvin, and stay tuned for more Zoom content!

    Don't forget to let us know what you want to see next in the Feedback forums and video comments!

    mbml awaits any queries you may have regarding the format played!
  • madein1984


    01:30 what would you do if he suddenly reraised you allin?
  • mbml


    #2: That's a really tough one. I guess I puke call, we are not deep enough to be folding top two in a 3bet pot. On the other hand, it's hard for him to show up with random hands. But I suppose a half pot bet could be inducing to some extent (but how often would a 17 VPIP player bluff in such a spot?)

    Also he could have AA, but that's only one combo of AA, since the Ace of Heart and Diamond are out. Probably not folding but not that thrilled.
  • Lasso


    nice video, thx
  • sido222


    Hey, I would like to see more live videos. I think its the most exciting to watch and gives more info, such as timing tells and ingame dynamic.
  • worldanizer


    Upon watching part 1, I thought you were a maniac. Now I'm pretty sure.

    It's nice to see that you are not afraid to ship it when you think it's +ev.

    Don't you think your play style involves a lot of variance?

    Very nice video! Keep them coming!
  • johhnyEVplus


    2:40 u said that your image is agressive so u schould ship there AQo.
    In my opinnion its overplay because opponet is unkown. With history AQo is good to ship vs agressive opponet but he is unkown for you and propably you are unkown for him.
    Imo with no history on zoom we can fold AQo vs 4bet.
  • CoconutDealer


    @7 yes its an easy fold! he was busy with the other hand and just shiped it in. 2 zoom tables might be too much action i believe.
  • mbml


    #7: kind of depends on the limit as well. for example AQ is easy stack off by default at higher limits. Of course you could certainly argue that it is spew at NL200 SH, I wasn't too familiar with the dynamics at this point in time.

    at lower limits I probably just call AQ against CO's open-raise until some aggro dynamic is established. at 200 its close, I won't be surprised to see people just 4-bet bluff right away.
  • mbml


    #6: When your opponents are letting you get away with aggression, you should go ahead and abuse them to the maximum

    yes my variance tends to be higher than others but i am fine with it.
  • worldanizer


    oh yeah, and I love your accent.
  • IronPumper


    hey - nice further vid so far.

    I have following general problem - mb you know in accident a solution for it

    -> You have in your very 1st zoom-vid adviced to check out if someone is a recreational player by checking how many tables he is playing.
    This is in general a very good advice, but imo not applicable for 90%+ of all Stars_REGs at zoom.
    The reason for that is that most ppl use TN and are folding by right clicking.
    From my knowledge the only possibility to check how many tables someone is playing is by clicking the right mouse, while the cursor is at the Screenname -> the prob is that you then fold in accident too often when you are as well folding by right clicking...

    Do you know any other quick possibility to check how many tables somebody is playing?
  • mbml


    ctrl+f and search name? I'm not exactly sure what you mean. And I dont agree that the majority of pokerstars regs use TN. I certainly don't, and Pokerstars software now has support for hotkeys so Table ninja is useless now.
  • IronPumper


    @13: ctrl +F and then typing the name in , need way too long in game...

    Agree that now indeed not so many Regs are using anymore TN b/c stars has ofered some hotkeys.
    But also there the majority of the Regs is using the hotkey where you fold by right-clicking.
  • Devinco


    use ctrl+right click on the player. That ctrl blocks the TN ;)
  • worldanizer


    mbml please make more of maniac videos! can't wait for part3!
  • Rsiatat


    do u think zoom at 2/5 $ is as good to play as 1/2 when u are beating the 1/2 at a good rate ? or is just regfested ?
  • navystars


    #16 def a maniac lol ... plus it sounds like there is a train in his baackground the whole video
  • elchipriota


    Early in the tournament you 5bet all in from the button a 4bet from the Cutoff for 100 bb with AQ.

    I think he is getting enough equity will full of his 4bet range to shove here. Also wouldnt he be ahead most of the times ("even marginally) with any pair and AK?

    Is that a profitable play?
  • sileekhunt


    loved it ! you would be a nightmare villain. good stuff !!!! good thoughts/ comments. thanks.
  • Homsii


    ...and thats why im still in the micros :D