Leakfinder: 180 man Sit and Go

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16
  • Fullring
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In this video, Braminc will conduct a leakfinder review of a 180 man Sit and Go, played by one of his students.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the newest video from Braminc, and don't forget to leave your thoughts and questions about the video!
  • cohkka


    You are absolutely on point with the 4 tables live. This is more then enough and more are hard to follow. You can still pull an additional table into the view of your screen if there is an interesting spot and not much going on on the original tables.
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid. Keep the good work boy !
  • anjik775


    minute 7:50 hero folds with 2k stack and the very next hand appears with 4k stack not that it is so important but would be nice to see the dinamics


    Minute 10:30 on this Hand the BB has to call any2, there is a bug on poker stars. If the BB is eliminated the BB jumps to Hero.
    Having this cosideration does can you a a -ev shove there?
  • anjik775


    Very bad call with K5o in hu against an opponent who is clearly pushing tight. i personaly dont like this thin calls:
    1 You will never be ahead that much.What do you expect to see there q5 j5?
    2 if you loose you you loose your chipleader stack and give a good chance to your opponent to win few hundred $ more wich are very important in 180max
  • duder1n0


    Great vid, learned a lot from it, thanks!
  • madein1984


    09:30 I tend to not push any two there too, hoping to get a hand with a little better Equity in the next one or two hands. Q5o is kinda borderline to me, but I'd rather fold 72o and hope for something good in the next hand than just get it in with 3bb. We really have almost no Fold Equity at all at this point anyway, if the BB is a reg.
  • Bartmannn


    Nice video, thx. I like the way you explain things. You really paint a picture! ;)
  • nekrikstas


    like your sense of humor!
    perfect video, too good for silver ;-)
  • wlcKeD


    Jack off gappers! :P Very nice video, thx :)
  • jimmybass


    2 tables is good for me. You can discuss your actions in depth without having to pause too often.
  • navystars


    I laughed, "If you're going to get there make the call" hahaha nice video thanks!
  • P0kerDem0n


    Eventually a great 180 Sit n Go video for Silver! Thanks
  • MasterKyodai


    8:30 - going all-in with T9o is imho terribly stupid even though it's a late position. I would never wanna try that, that's imho more lotto than strategy.
  • Marrs27


    @#15 T9o in late position is a perfect shove in late position it's not terrible at all even with a deeper stack.

    Disappointed Braminc hasn't posted any responses yet, but I enjoyed the video.
    I would have expected 45s (41:03) to be an instant shove.
    And I would love if you analysed the plays you would have made IF play was folded to you even when it wasn't, it gives more room for learning.
  • IMGameOver


  • IvanFlay3r


    07:33 missed one hand. There are two hands in a row A3o
  • tmfinger


    07:20 Q7o - it's close but fold. Q7o it's near 57% range. Max range here is 45% with Q8o, Q3s

    10:20 Q5o - usually I don't mind playing any2 any2 but if you have very aggresive players (BB calls any2, BU calls any decent hand with 50-60%). All players behind with 8-9 BB's are impatiently waiting for ultra shorts pushing very wide. In that case bottom 10-15% of your range plays very poor aginst their very wide ranges. So against regs it's 80-85%. If you have weak players behind go for it and play any2.

    11:06 - 85s is around 56-57% of your range, it's fine if you play 60% there. Like you said, it's impossible to give a math prove how much to play in this spot. It shows that there is a lot of profitable spots when other aggresive player goes allin very wide in front of us and we mistakenly fold decent hands