Freebie: 180 & 45-Man Sit & Go Session 1

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $16 - $38
  • Fullring
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In the Freebie this week, braminc hits the 45 and 180-man Multi-Table Sit & Goes to demonstrate his method for tackling the various Sit & Go formats shown. We hope you enjoy the Video, and don't forget to leave any thoughts or questions you may have about the video for braminc.


Live Video MTSNG PokerStars series Session Review weekly freebie

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest Freebie from Braminc!

    Please do leave your thoughts & feedback for the coach, about the session, and for the complete overview of our Weekly Freebies and to let us know what you think, drop in the Overview Thread:
  • HeadsUp88


    quality is really bad...
  • miskokvo



    if you are recording live session and uploading to ... try drop framerate at camtasia from 15.. to 3-5? ... it will reduce size of vid by 70%.. and will be much better quailty after
  • braminc


    I typically follow protocol for postproduction, but I will certainly look into that for the future. I already recorded a 3 part series like this. Part 3 is just an enlarged final table though so it will definitely get better.

    Is it unreadable to you guys? I see the chips and cards just fine..
  • Bartmannn


    Cant complain. Quality isnt the best, but its def. watchable. Could even see all wizard stats clearly.
  • pokerjan


    Wizard needs correct Payout Structure.
    Either 180s or Hu for Chip Ev.

    Noticed at 45:26.
    Dunno if it matters here, but its important to check in general.

    Ty for Vid.
  • braminc


    When analyzing chipEV, it doesnt matter what structure is selected. You are only measuring chips... so why would $ structure influence anything?

    (answer: it doesnt)
  • pokerjan


    Your right obv.
    At 44:57 its $Ev, but than you changed to Chip ev, so Payout dosent matter. I didnt notice that.
  • EuanM


    Of course if the video was unacceptable it would not have been released in the first place - as such I can see everything fine, as mentioned it's not perfect but it's do-able. Perfect would be awesome of course :)
  • madshakes


    Guys, click the Settings icon and change the resolution to 720p. Crystal clear.
  • madshakes


    Well, not crystal clear but definitely readable.
  • madein1984


    8:40 in 45mans, 15,5% cash, compared to 10% that is worth considering. Another big difference is that you are 6 or 7 handed on the 180mans, but 8 and 9handed on the 45mans. That means you get to bully around more with a big stack at the 180mans, playing more hande in late position.
  • Targetme


    glad my post was deleted more money for me
  • braminc


    Madein, im not sure what you mean about handedness in your post... yes the bubble is 8-9 handed in 45mans, but its 19-20 handed in 180s. The whole final table of both formats include many repeated bubbles as well. Overall strategy should be quite similar at the very beginning and on the final table.

    target- i read your post. Thanks for the criticism. However I'll have to disappoint you by letting you know that your comments are untrue. I'm not sure how much I wanna defend myself to you since it doesn't help me nor my students/other viewers, nor do I think you really care. Please watch more videos and challenge my advice as much as you like. THAT will benefit me and everyone else (including yourself) the most.
  • Targetme


    I gave your ft and early game skills mad props just dont think youve played enough mtt sng's
  • Darkyd10


    How does the EdgeC stat work?
    Does it function according to chips so EdgeC = 50 means u gota win 50 chips in longrun?
  • BubbleNedRum


    love your videos and style of commentating. for which levels are the other party going to be? Silver? Gold?
  • braminc


    Dark - EdgeC is just what minimum edge we believe we need for a play to be +EV. So yes edgec 50 means you want to win at minimum 50 chips in the long run.

    Bubble - I believe the sequels to this video will be silver since the buyins arent too high. I'm not in charge of that nor am i typically informed before release. You'll have to ask a PS guy for more info. Glad you like my videos :)
  • Tim64


    @38:00 Could you talk about why you don't like raising K9s vs the limpers? I would see this as a play with potential. I think the combination of position/initiatve might make up for the marginality of the hand, but perhaps we don't get HU often enough?
  • Tim64


    45:30 QT ugt; could you explain how you come up with the 'edge'. You've said 50 chips is reasonable. Is it possible to state (in a simplified manner) how one would go about estimating this and what factors to take into a/c?
  • Tim64


    Enjoyed this vid - thanks! Nice presentation style, keeping it light. Hope later videos will have some postflop spots to complement the preflop heavy Wizz analysis here.
  • braminc


    Hey Tim, thanks for the comments. @38:00, K9s could be a raise i suppose. When playing weaker fields Id prefer to iso-raise with hands that crush flops with lots of TPTK situations mainly. A hand that play really well multiway makes too much sense to me to limp behind as the probability of getting called multi-way is high.

    @45:30 - inputting negative min edges is possibly the hardest thing to estimate when using an ICM calculator. My general starting point is that if Im 10bb or deeper I never want/need to take a very marginal/breakeven shove and will set minEdge to something "standard". At 6-7bbs, breakeven shoves become much more necessary due to stacks size diminishing to a level of losing future fold equity. And at 4-5 bbs there will be many spots we need to be taking very -minEdges due to the same issue magnified.

    Loss of future fold equity is an incalculable thing as far as I can imagine, but I tend to believe now that it's a MUCH bigger issue than the average player intuitively guesses.

    The cost of posting BB the next hand is also a factor that typically allows us to take -ev shoves (since the cost of posting is always more expensive after a fold than it is after a shove and win or lose).

    With all that said, in this spot we had about 6.5 "real"bbs which normally would make me look for just BE shoves or better, but with ante's our stack will dwindle much faster, allowing us to bring it down below 0 a bit imo. Very rough estimate, but if we think about the factors pulling our decisions in each direction, we can come up with better guesses than our opponenets, therefore making less mistakes, therefore winning more money :D
  • Tim64


    Wow, great response - thanks!

    Now, let's say we agree - in a certain spot - that it's reasonable to set a negative edge (for all the reasons you've suggested). Now, how do we decide whether to set it at -50 chips, - 100, -500 chips etc? I mean, how do we even get off the ground at this stage? Put it another way: when we say "let's set -ve edge at 50 chips", what does that actually mean in laymans terms? Does it mean that we'd be willing to pay 50 chips of our current stack in order to buy the ability to make this shove? Or something else?
  • braminc


    How do we choose the exact -edge number? Guesstimation. The more "desperate" our stack is the lower -ev will be ok. But to answer your final question, what it means in laymans terms is not quite what you said, i believe it's more:
    "ICM/ChipEquity calculators don't have the ability to see outside of the vacuum of this instant in poker tournament time. Because of this they GROSSLY overvalue shortstacks (which in turn overvalues folding). We must counteract that by taking "-ev shoves" which in reality aren't -ev, but +ev. They are only -ev in the view of a limited calculator such as the ones we sue.
  • Enzo0912


    Can't find the next part. Remember that i saw it. Where is it?
  • Enzo0912


    Yesterday i found part 2 (15 min video) and now it disappear again lol. Wtf??
  • EuanM


    Hey Enzo, I'm just working on the video at the moment - we had some technical issues delaying the deployment, unrelated to the video itself.

    I'll let you know as soon as that's ready - keep your eye on the Video section for the latest releases!
  • pokerbet69


    where can i find the sencond part of the video?
  • elpsycho


    Hi braminc!
    24:00 What is your plan on the bottom left with QQ on the turn and on the river? Check/calldown or are you willing to fold them?
  • SvenBe


    @30, there are plenty more parts - just type "braminc" in the search function :-)
  • stratiwtis


    does not work
  • Cris1503


    Cant find the following videos =x
  • NOREAGA020


    you live in the middle east?