Live Play with Boomer on Stars - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer makes a session review of a live session played on PokerStars recently, at the $2/$4 tables, making commentary and giving thoughts on the plays made during the session.


Live Video PokerStars series

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  • madorjan


    Hey Boomer, great to see you in action.:)

    12:00 - K9o - you say here that you should peel this flop, which I 100% agree with. My question is: what do you think about throwing SD-equity out of the window when peeling this board? We have to fold little on the flop, but since we're not necessarily raising with all that much, I think the range we'll go to showdown here will be pairs, and possibly strong A hi hands, so the rest - that we're folding on the turn or the river - may be a little bit weaker SD-wise, and more heavy draw-wise. Basically what I'm saying is that I'd peel 9h8h before I peel QT w/o backdoors here. Do you think we can go this way, or does SD-value have bigger value in these spots?
    Also I would really concider calling down with K9 hi there (or maybe call call folding it), what do you think about that as a balanced play.

    17:24 - 54o - I really like the discussion on why we should have some non-heart bluffs on an all-heart (or at least 3-heart) board, however after we got 3bet I think it's a definite fold. We're basically drawing to a 6-8 outer some of the time, 0 outer other times. If he's raising a decent amount of hands from the SB, and bet/3betting the turn with 2pair+, we have 9.8% equity with huge reverse implied odds getting around 9:1. So I think I'd fold to the 3bet in this spot, but it's very marginal for sure.

    25:52 - JTo - very interesting hand in a balanced perspective, I won't write more about it (not to kill the joke), but I'd suggest you to include it in one of your future balance videos - it's a really really tough spot on almost every street, and the results will be surprising I think.

    Thanks for the video, it was great.
  • fuerstIN


    Hey Boomer!
    I really like your videos in general but I think this one has a few flaws so I personally don't like it as much as the Videos I saw before!

    -min 17:30 54: I think a fold vs the 3bet is far better than calling.

    however i dont like the raise on the A since you would have 3bet quite a bunch of strong Ax hands, I do like that raise on nearly any other card tho!

    -min 19:50 I think 33 ( or any underpair with no draw) is a perfect candicate for r/f for free SD on the Turn ( tho I dont like to raise for free SD in general) since there are hands like QJ, KQ; AJ and AQ which have quite a few outs and won't fold on the turn but might c/c the River ui ( and you might not Vbet often on that specific board texcture)and you might bluff any hand that completes draws (not sure about that since he can still call with a pair of J/Q)
    - on the River you might consider a bluffbet vs 55,44, maybe A9, AT or even a bluffraise, what do you think about that? Since you only beat AK and therefore dont have any SD- Value I don't like the check behind

    -min 35: K9o: your ip , so you dont need to c/r here ;)
    I still prefer a raise on the river,a3 and a9 wont 3bet. JT, sets and better two pair would have probably put in more action on the turn.The DOwnside is that he might fold to a raise with a small PP or Ax or a bluff and you don't see his holding but still I think he might even call with 32 just because he has a pair

    -Min 37: JJ: I think not capping is standard here since your capping range woould otherwise be too narrow MP3 vs SB
  • Boomer2k10


    Hey guys

    Thanks for your comments and I'll certainly take them into account (and do more 2/4+ vids)

    The 54 hand yes I 100% agree with you guys I can fold once 3-bet, I think the bluff is pretty good overall but once 3-bet the game's up on this one


    Sorry about you not enjoying this one as much but hopefully you still enjoyed it somewhat

    Thanks for pointing out my faux pas on the K9 hand...I usually catch that, in fact if you were in teh room with me when recording the videos you'd be laughing at me the amount I have to re-record a bit of video for using the term "check Raise" when in position

    JJ: Yeah pretty much, definite arguemetn for not capping anything when 3-bet when you raise from any position expect CO and Button (even CO's a little skethcy)


    JTo: You intrigue me and I may just do that, this hand's hard :(

    If you guys like seeing me play live I'm actually contemplating live (ish) streaming on a 2-3 minute delay. I'll start at micros for the guys playing those limits but if there's enough interest I might start playing higher stakes live too

    A good way to get some interaction I think and it will make grinding a little less boring and cast set some fun challenges, certainly at micros, like "Play all hands in Combonator "House imo" range from any position" :)
  • FlorinCatana


    Hello, Boomer!

    Nice video there. A bit not so straightforward like your previous ones were, but still good job. I enjoyed it as usually!